Classy little martinis in one hand and a loaded hot dog in the other, or “‘tinis and weenies,” is exactly what TikTok is obsessed with right now.

This cute and clever dinner party theme idea is the perfect combination of fancy-shmancy and down-to-earth. The highbrow/lowbrow-coded dinner party theme started gaining popularity after TikTok creator @barisbootcamp shared a video encouraging others to throw a "weenies & tinis party this summer.” The original ‘tinis and weenies video featured a beautiful rooftop dinner party complete with flowers, hotdog toppings, martini ingredients, cupcakes, and guests dressed in cute dinner party outfits with baseball caps.

Other TikTok creators have jumped on the ‘tinis and weenies bandwagon and put their own fun spins on the trend. TikTok creator @bellabuhm showed off their own ‘tinis and weenies party in their home. With lots of creativity and planning, the TikToker had adorable printed menus, hand-written martini recipes, and even games for guests at their ‘tinis and weenies dinner party.

Due to the fancy-but-casual vibes of the ‘tinis and weenies trend, this theme has a ton of wiggle room and flexibility for your planning. You could go full out and make the party as glam as you wanted to — imagine some gourmet hot dog toppings like truffle aioli or fancy cheeses to be the stars of your ‘tinis and weenies party. Or you could go pretty low key and cozy with the theme, and you couldn’t possibly go wrong with that either. Bring out the ‘tinis and weenies to ace your next themed party.