I don’t know about you, but eight hours of sleep never seems like enough these days. I mean, seriously, I feel like I could sleep for a month and still wake up exhausted. But, what can I expect? I’ve reached the advanced age of 23.

TikTok was not so quick to give in. And, should we be shocked? After the success of the sleepy girl mocktail, TikTok is quickly becoming a first stop for health-boosting elixir recipes. And now, there’s a drink for that perpetual exhaustion of yours. It’s called the Adrenal Cocktail, and here’s everything you need to know.

What’s an adrenal cocktail?

An adrenal cocktail is touted on TikTok as the ultimate energy restorer. It’s something you can swap out for your third cup of coffee to help with that frazzled and exhausted sensation you experience all the time as an adult.

On TikTok, the hashtag has over 15.6 million views. And people everywhere are sharing how they’ve incorporated the adrenal cocktail into their daily routine. What seems to make this recipe so successful is its adaptability and affordability. Thankfully, you can join the trend, fulfilling your nutritional forms through drink, without sacrificing your savings.

How to make an adrenal cocktail

Most of the adrenal cocktail recipes boil down to four ingredients: Coconut water, orange juice, salt, and add-ins like cream of tartar, collagen, coconut cream, and aloe vera. In my opinion, and about a million other TikTok viewers, Rebekah Moyer’s adrenal cocktail recipe is the one to follow. She shows you how to adapt the drink to your daily needs and helps you participate in the trend if you’re living on a student paycheck and can’t afford the organic girl lifestyle.

Does the adrenal cocktail work?

Of course, the adrenal cocktail is not a substitute for prescribed medicine and your doctor’s advice (whatever some TikTokers might suggest). And please consult a doctor before taking any medical advice from TikTok, or any social media for that matter. It’s merely another snack option that may help you meet your nutrition needs. Now, on days when I actually meet my nutrition needs, I oddly feel happier. You know, less likely to snap and enact my plans for world domination. So, it’s no surprise that a drink that increases your daily levels of Vitamin C (orange juice), electrolytes (coconut water and sea salt), anti-inflammatory compounds (magnesium in aloe vera and potassium in cream of tartar), and hydration would make you feel better. Although it’s not a cure-all, the drink certainly contains all the necessary ingredients to support your health, which will no doubt positively affect your energy levels.