Here’s a toast to jewelry. What’s not to love about jewelry? The inclusion of something as simple as a chain can elevate any look. Layering pieces like necklaces and bracelets and finding your statement and staple pieces makes the getting ready process so much fun. It also helps me justify buying a piece of jewelry every time I go out. But when jewelry crosses over to food, that’s everything. The past couple of months were for the strawberry, tomato, and pickle girls — with good reason, did you see the pickle sweatshirt? But let’s pivot and create a new trend for the wine lovers. Award-winning film director Sofia Coppola collaborated with Catbird, a Brooklyn, NY-based jewelry brand, on a jewelry collection featuring two wine-inspired charms. 

“I think of both Catbird and Sofia Wines as feminine, fun, everyday classics. I appreciate them joining us to celebrate our 25th anniversary,” said the Priscilla writer-director about the collab with Catbird and her wine company on the jewelry brand’s website.

What are the wine-inspired charms from Sofia Coppola and Catbird?

Photo via Catbird

The two charms featured are a can tab and a tiny wine bottle. The wine-inspired charms are made with recycled 14k gold — a consistent theme throughout all of Catbird’s pieces to adhere to the brand’s sustainability efforts.

The can tab charm, priced at $108, is an ode to Sofia Wines’ “Sofia Mini.” According to an interview with PEOPLE, Coppola plans to wear the charm on a necklace to remind her of summertime in Napa.

These mini-canned wines were released in 2004 and come in two flavors — Blanc de Blancs and Rosé. For reference, the Blanc de Blancs is a sparkling wine with hints of citrus and flavors of white peaches, mango, orange blossoms, and honey. The rosé contains flavors of tart red currants, pomegranate, strawberries, peaches, and clove.

The tiny wine bottle is a cute and dainty charm priced at $228 that perfectly combines wine and jewelry. You can either wear these charms solo on a single chain or pair them together on a single chain to elevate the wine aesthetic.