Of everything we share in the world, food is the one thing that continually brings us together. We bond over it, communicate through it, and most importantly—make memories with it. When you've got to get somebody a present, it's important to figure out what makes them them. Think long and hard about the memories you've shared, and then buy them a piece of this tiny food jewelry.

After all, the only thing better than actual food is extremely small food that can't spoil. Rhonda Church knew this when she used her artistic abilities to make food magnets for her loved ones one year. Soon after, her community demanded more and more of the clay models until she decided to open up her own Etsy shop, NeatEats.

Since 2012, Church has worked constantly to produce an unimaginable amount of the figurines. Her collection covers anything from tacos and pizza to regional specialties like fairy bread and latkes. NeatEats' home is across the pond in Ireland, so be sure to scope out the unique variety of biscuit and baked bean jewelry too. 

Now, does your friend or SO have a strangely obscure palate? Is everybody you know a picky eater? Well don't worry, because NeatEats is happy to make custom orders if you're willing to wait just a couple extra days. 

As another added bonus, this tiny food jewelry is a complete steal at roughly $8-$16 a piece depending on the intricacy of the meal.

This gift is not only easy on the wallet, but is also a meaningful way to bond over personal memories. So go ahead and grab a pancake necklace or garlic bread earrings to check off everybody on your gift list, but don't forget to treat yourself too. Pie, anyone?