With spring around the corner, Stanley has been teasing a new, vibrant addition to its trendy product line — the Neon Collection. If you’re looking to grab one when it comes out next week, make sure to keep these details in mind.

What is the Stanley Neon Collection?

These ultra-bright neon tumblers were mysteriously hinted at on Leap Day via the brand’s TikTok page. According to the website, Stanley’s new, shiny release is part of its “Spring Fling collection,” coming together to create loud and proud neons. Color selections feature “luminescent pigments” like Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, and Electric Pink.

Right now, the collection is up on the Stanley website but not for sale yet. If you visit Dicks Sporting Goods, there’s also a Neon White and Neon Black version with a matte finish and an ultra-fluorescent neon lid and straw attachment listed, but also not for sale. Even more exciting is that this “supercharged” collection covers more than just your traditional Quencher Tumbler. The Neon Collection will prepare you for every occasion by creating neon versions of the Legendary “twist-and-pour” Bottle, IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler, the Adventure Pre-Party Flask and Stacking Beer Pint, and the Classic Legendary Useful Lunch Box. If you take another peak at the Dick’s website, the Spring Fling Collection will release a black neon Gallon Adventure Fast Flow Water Jug — perfect for all your spring break festivities.

Photo via Stanley

When is the Stanley Neon Collection coming out?

These electrifying products are releasing on March 19 at 12 p.m. (ET). The Stanley Neon Collection announcement stirred a ton of buzz on social media, especially since rumors are circulating about a special surprise that will follow after they drop. Stanley-enthusiast and lifestyle creator @RayahSunshineCreator says the Spring Fling Collection will also drop two other colors online, peony and nectarine, on March 26. However, this has not been confirmed by Stanley in its advertising.

How much does the Stanley Neon Collection cost?

Price points will depend on the product type but for your typical hydrating bottle, it’ll range from $35 to $45 respectively. Other unique product, like the Adventure Pre-Party Flask and Stacking Beer Pint or the Classic Useful Lunch Box, will be about $18 to $35.

How can I get the Stanley Neon Collection?

Photo via Stanley

Both Stanley and Dick’s websites have functions where you can receive notifications and be the first to know the moment they drop if you sign up via email. Can’t wait though? No worries! Some Dick’s stores will have them already in stock, mainly the classic Quencher H2.O FlowState Tumbler in both the 30- and 40-ounce. Depending on your location, some will feature other products from the Neon Collection.