The spring break push is not a marathon anymore, but a race! 10, 9, 8, 7 more days till you #slay in your bikini. Do you feel like you are doing everything right but things aren't working? Guess what — you're not alone.

The last minute spring break push is always super popular and I am here to tell you how I obtained the spring break bod I'd been working for and how I became even more confident.

1. Steer Clear of Gluten

Gluten is everyones favorite go-to food and is so hard to avoid. I decided to cut back on the sandwiches, pizza and pasta before spring break to help me feel less puffy. This was probably one of the hardest things to do, but there are endless amounts of gluten free options that taste even better than the real stuff! 

After 1 week, I immediately started to notice a difference in my body, as well as my energy. I was able to run a full 10 minutes on the treadmill and it felt great.

2. Say "Bye" To Dairy

Dairy was even harder than gluten to stop eating, but just like gluten there are plenty of substitutes that taste just as good. Almond milk is great in coffee and coconut milk ice cream is the real deal.

I know this sounds crazy and impossible, but it is SO easy to maintain. Once I started, I was determined to finish and after a couple days I didn't even need the cream in my coffee. I stocked my fridge up with fruits and veggies and I didn't even miss my cheddar cheese!

3. Do Ab Workouts

Photo by Christopher Campbell | Unsplash

chrisjoelcampbell on unsplash

When I found myself bored in my room with nothing better to do than going on my phone, I decided to put on some tunes and do this quick 5 minute workout:

- 1 minute Russian twists

- 50 crunches

- 50 crunches with your legs in the air

- 50 crunches lying down

- 50 crunches with your knees to the right

- 50 crunches with your knees to the left

- 1 minute Russian twists

4. Avoid The Bus

pizza, beer
Wendy Sun

Another way I tried to improve my fitness was by going on walks. Walking did take longer than the bus, but I learned to enjoy the fresh air and walk to class. Take in your surroundings, put your phone down and just enjoy the exercise! Walking will benefit you both mentally and physically.

5. Exercise Anytime, Anywhere

wine, tea, beer, coffee
Photo courtesy of Amanda Mae Photography

When I was bored, I did some jumping jacks in my room, squatted while I was brushing my teeth and did leg pulses while watching TV. It's fun to get creative and you don't need much to feel the burn in those muscles! 

In order to make any improvements in your life, it takes determination. But, most importantly, love yourself and love your body. Do what makes you happy and be confident not only during your spring break, but during all 365 days of the year.