As someone who cannot eat dairy without the risk of feeling like total crap, I've had to branch out and discover new alternatives. Although I have had my share of trial and error, years of experience and triumph have led me to become quite the dairy-free extraordinaire. 

Lucky for you, these years of expertise have helped me prepare an awesome list of lactose-free products, and I'm ready to share them with the world, so listen up.

The Best Milk Alternative

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Lara Schwieger

Califia Farms Vanilla Almond Milk is the actual bomb. You can get it in unsweetened, coconut almond, vanilla almond, or chocolate almond, and they are all absolute winners. This milk alternative is creamy and delicious, without any artificial ingredients. BINGO.

Cream Cheese? No Problemo. 

What's a bagel without cream cheese? Lactose intolerants, have no fear, Kite Hill is here. A company that produces all "dairy" products, sans dairy, this cream cheese alternative is better than the real deal (but wont give you the stomach ache).

Say Yes to Yogurt 

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Mollie Simon

Dairy-free yogurt might sound a little confusing, but fear not, because there are endless options out there. Silk Dairy-Free Soy Milk Yogurt and So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt, you two have my heart. Although these yogurt replacements do have a tad bit extra sugar than normal yogurt, they can still provide an excellent choice for breakfast.

Yes, You Can Have GOOD Ice Cream

Nala Chehade

If you thought your ice cream days were over, you thought wrong. So Delicious and Coconut Bliss make coconut milk ice cream that are not only dairy free, but gluten free as well. Lower on the calories, coconut milk ice cream is also high in healthy fats and calcium. And its just SO delicious, get it?

Dairy-free ice cream is also often made with almond, rice and soy milk, which are all super creamy alternatives. If you're a die hard Ben & Jerry's fan, even they are making some vegan flavors now. 

Never Fear, Pizza is Here

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Mollie Simon

Yup. That's right. Pizza is still an option, you might just need to make your own, seeing as most pizza places aren't serving up vegan options. Daiya, Vegan Gourmet, and Go Veggie all whip up some pretty sweet alternatives, that will melt all over your pizza like any regular cheese. You can also use these cheeses to make late night mac 'n cheese (Score!). 

Hopefully this list made you feel a little better about saying adios to dairy. You can still enjoy all the ice cream, pizza, and yogurt you want. The best part? Most of these options are actually way healthier than the "real deal." This is what it's really like to treat yo' self.