St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday people celebrate in all forms, from parades to drinking green beer. But one aspect that is often not considered is all of the St Patricks Day deals and free food. Aside from deals, there’s also more St. Patrick’s Day food and drinks besides the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake to celebrate this Sunday. So, to celebrate, here are all the restaurant chains and fast food spots offering St. Patrick's Day food deals or special menu items.

Applebee's Saintly Sips

If you’re not a beer person but still want to have a festive (and boozey) holiday, Applebee’s is the place to go. Get a themed cocktail, like the new Pot-O-Gold Daq-a-Rita for $7. This golden sugar rimmed drink is described as a “Patron Silver margarita and Bacardi Superior daquiri with triple sec and mango.” The chain also has a green Tipsy Leprechaun and the Rainbow Lemonade for a non-alcoholic option.

Krispy Kreme

Like alwaysm Krispy Kreme knocks it out of the park with the on-theme and Instagrammable holiday-flavored doughnuts. For Saint Patricks Day, its limited-edition collection has four new releases: Luck of the Rainbow, Shamrock Cookie N’ Kreme, Plaid Party, and Shooting Shamrock. Also, if you dress in green, not only do you avoid getting pinched by your friends, but you also get free doughnuts.


No Saint Patrick’s Day treat list would be complete without mentioning the infamous Shamrock Shake. This shake has been around for decades now and has gone through multiple variations. With such anticipation from McDonald’s lovers, this pastel green mint milkshake has been available since the beginning of February this year. If you’re not a fan of the shake, try out the Shamrock McFlurry, which is topped off with Oreo cookie pieces.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

If you’re having a party for the big day, head over to Nothing Bundt Cakes for its Saint Patrick's Day creations. This customizable Lucky You! cake is adorned with a bright green topper and flags. If you’re having a night in, they also have mini options.

Dairy Queen

Bring in the spring season with a frozen treat from Dairy Queen. For a colorful and fruity drink, order the limited-edition Over the Rainbow Shake that’s (of course) topped with rainbow sprinkles. If you’re more of a chocolate fan not to worry, it also has a green Mint Brownie Blizzard. 


Drinking a pint of Guinness has become a tradition for many on Saint Patrick’s Day, so it was only fitting that they would have a special deal for the day. Every week in March, the beer brand has been giving out a Lucky Surprise Prize Pack full of merch from the Irish beer company. If you are a big Guinness fan, you can also purchase lots of holiday-themed merch on its website.

See’s Candies

Chocolate lovers will be pleased to see the countless Saint Patrick’s Day themed candies available at See’s Candies this month. It has classic chocolate coins and Irish Cream chocolates, but the unique highlight is the St. Patrick’s Day Potato. The truffle is meant to look like an actual potato on the inside and out with its Divinity Truffle filling and walnut pieces covered in cocoa-cinnamon powder.

White Castle

Do you know what’s better than two sliders from White Castle? Four sliders from White Castle! Lucky for us, White Castle is celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a buy two, get two free deal on its addictive sliders.

Jack in the Box

If you’re not a fan of the Shamrock Shake (somehow), maybe try Jack in the Box’s green shake instead. Cookies and cream and mint chip fans will find its two favorite things combined this Saint Patrick’s Day with its Oreo Cookie Mint Shake.