If you have a Stanley cup lover in your life, chances are you got them some kind of related gift for the holidays. Maybe it's a new color to add to their collection. Maybe it's a fun accessory so they can personalize their tumbler. Or maybe you totally forgot and this article is reminding you that you need to still get them a gift. Well, if that's the case, I may have saved your friendship, as Target is releasing Valentine's Day Stanley cups that would make a perfect gift.

Target has Valentine's Day Stanley cups?

Just after Christmas, Target is dropping another exclusive Stanley cup color for the day of love. The 40-ounce tumbler comes in a fiery red-orange color with pink accents. The classic logo is in pink next to a cute tiny pink heart, and the lid is clear with a red and pink stopper and clear straw. 

The tumbler comes wrapped in label with a spot to write your love or friend a note with the words "love at first sip."

When will the Valentine's Day Stanley cups be available?

The Valentine's Day Stanley cup will be available at Target starting on December 31, according to the Instagram account @targetovereverything. And if we know anything about these Target exclusive Stanley cups, it's that they sell out crazy fast and there are never that many available. So it may be worth arriving right as Target opens on December 31 to claim yours. 

How much is the Valentine's Day Stanley cup?

Just like all 40-ounce tumblers, the Valentine's Day Stanley cup retails for $45.