Starting today, nacho fries will be making its long-awaited return to Taco Bell.

And, come October 12, you can enjoy your fries with vegan nacho sauce, originally launched with the test-trial of the Vegan Crunchwrap back in June of this year.

This isn’t the first time Taco Bell has been a trailblazer in vegan fast food — the chain offers many meat-alternatives, like beans and potato bites. The chain also has the option of ordering any item “fresco style,” which replaces any dairy-based sauces or cheeses with diced tomatoes.

What is the vegan nacho sauce at Taco Bell?

But, vegan nacho sauce will open a brand new door for Taco Bell, as it promises an easy and simple way to eat vegan without the hassle of tons of modifications and substitutions. The sauce is made from a base of chickpeas and soy and was first introduced within the Vegan Crunchwrap test, which included ‘beef’ made with seasoned soy and pea proteins. With the widespread success of this item, Taco Bell decided to make the Vegan Nacho Sauce a permanent menu item.

In a food landscape that is constantly evolving, there is certainly a higher demand for an increase in vegan and vegetarian options, even in fast food restaurants. Taco Bell has proved that it is committed to meeting that demand, also having tested vegan steak and plant-based chicken in some locations across the U.S.

When will nacho fries and the vegan nacho sauce be available?

Nacho fries, which have always been vegan, are available for $2.19 for a regular size and $2.99 for a large. Vegan Nacho Sauce will be available as a side on October 12.