The weather is starting to warm up, and the sun is shining. If you're like me, the new hints of summer indicate two things: it's time for beach days and near-daily little ice cream treats. From local creameries' scoops and affogatos to Drumsticks and ice cream truck delights, every day can be a frozen dessert day. Of course, what's a lovely summer day without a visit to Dairy Queen? Soft serve is my ultimate nostalgia delight. Fortunately, the summer Dairy Queen menu just dropped for 2024 with three new Blizzard flavors. That means that even if you're still stressing over finals, you can pretend summer came early. Here's what we know about the summer Dairy Queen menu. 

What Blizzard flavors are on the summer Dairy Queen menu?

Excitingly, the menu contains three brand-new flavors, from the fruity and refreshing to the chocolatey-sweet. Those new flavors include:

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Party: Soft serve with chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter topping, peanut brittle crunch, and sprinkles.

Picnic Peach Cobbler: Soft serve with peach topping and cobbler pieces.

Ultimate Cookie: Soft serve with Oreo, Chips Ahoy, and Nutter Butter pieces.

The three returning summer Blizzard Treats include customer-favorite flavors Brownie BatterCotton Candy, and Frosted Animal Cookie

Just know that you will def have to head to DQ multiple times this summer or at least bring a friend so you can try their order. 

What else is new at Dairy Queen?

If you'e not a Blizzard lover, there are other new offerings at the ice cream chain. For starters, you can grab a lunch or dinner at DQ Parmesan Garlic Sauced & Tossed Chicken Strip Basket. Grab four or six tenders coated in a creamy, cheesy sauce with toast and fries.  

For the cone girlies out there, you can also pick up the limited-time Confetti Cake Dipped cone. You can enjoy it even when it's not your birthday.