20: Auntie Anne's: Free pretzel if you spent $10 in the last year

This is basically nothing for me because the only time I go to Auntie Anne’s is if someone is paying or I have a free gift. I feel like they should be like Planet Smoothie with a significant discount or a free gift after at least 1 purchase in the year. Even if I buy Auntie Anne’s at the airport or mall, I never spend $10.

19: Chopt: $5 off

Don’t play with me right now. $5 is nothing when my salad is $20, but a deal is a deal I guess. 

18: Chipotle: Free guacamole or side

Bare minimum because these things should be free already, but I’ll take what I can get. I prefer Surcheros anyways.

17: Buffalo Wild Wings: Free 8 ct wings

This is only this low because I don’t have a buffalo wild wings near me and when I went to redeem this all the workers were confused. But this is a great portion and some of, if not the only, real food on this list.

16: Coldstone Creamery: BOGO creation

I’ve never been to ColdStone Creamery, but at least you’re technically getting something free.

15: Brusters: $3 off

This is basically half off depending on what you get. The smell of the waffle cones makes me forget I’m spending money anyways, so it’s all good.

14: IHOP: 5 pancoins

This is actually good, I just never go to iHOP. One pancoin is apparently worth 1 pancake, so this is a great deal. If I ever go to an iHOP I probably have like 15 pancakes waiting for me.

13: Chick fil A: Free cookie or brownie

This is a cute little treat on the side and it is completely free, which is a bonus. I don’t eat either so I just gave the cookie to my mom.

12: Cinnabon: Free 16 oz drink and/or minibons

I got a coupon for a free 16 oz cold brew, but I heard they allow you to change it to any drink and/or add minibons. I have no idea if this works everywhere and I don’t drink coffee so I didn’t redeem it.

11: Andy’s custard: Free cone

This is a cute little refresher that can be gotten on your way to a class or event. Refreshing and perfect for a spring/summer birthday.

10: Einstein Bros: Free egg sandwich

I don’t really eat eggs so I didn’t redeem this, but there are Einstein Bros everywhere, it’s a decent portion, and it's free. So I would at least sign up so you have the option to redeem it.

9: Schlotzsky's: Small sandwich with $1 purchase

Again, a real meal, so I rank it slightly higher. $1 purchase isn’t that bad if you’re getting a drink or a bag of chips. I love Schlotzky’s so I’m also biased.

8: Planet Smoothie: $6 off

This is so highly ranked because it’s a great business deal in my opinion. A small planet smoothie drink is about $6 and some change. When I went, I ended up paying about 56 cents. Unlike others, no previous purchase has to be made and it’s basically still free.

7: Racetrac: Free swirl

If you are not opposed to gas station froyo, it’s not bad. Not a lot of flavors or toppings, but it’s good.

6: Waffle House: Free waffle

I rarely go to waffle house but good deal nonetheless.

5: Krispy Kreme: Free 3 donuts

This is still a good deal, but a major downgrade from the previous free dozen Krispy Kreme used to give out. 12 donuts isn’t necessary and I always ate max 5, but it’s the principal.

4: Rita’s: One free small italian ice

I love Rita’s so in terms of personal favorites, this is a top choice for me. However, Rita’s is not always year-long and doesn’t have as many locations as other places. 

3: Starbucks: One free drink

This is really a bang for your buck. You can get any size and any modifications, so you’re saving a maximum of about $13-$15 depending on how extravagant you like your drinks. You have to buy something from Starbucks in the past year, but that’s not too bad considering the range of items they have. You can buy a cake pop once and still get the drink. The only downside is that it is only available on your actual birthday.

2: Publix: Free bar cake

These are normally $11 so it is a really good deal. They have a variety of bar cakes: confetti, tiramisu, dulce de leche, carrot cake, oreo, etc. The bar cake is personal sized, but more than enough for one person. If you like the idea of cake on your birthday, but are stingy and frugal, this is perfect.

1: Cheesecake factory: One free cheesecake slice

I picked this as the top one simply for the variety and price. There are like 20+ flavors of cheesecake and they are priced at about $10. You don’t need to buy anything else with your cheesecake or from Cheesecake Factory in the past.