After a brilliant summer launch in early May, Starbucks is sharing its second installation of tumblers and drinkware for the season. Starbucks' chapter two summer releases include a gorgeous Starbucks pride collection designed by artist Tim Singleton, as well as water bottles, and cold coffee cups to keep in your beach bag. 

What can I find in the Starbucks Pride Collection?

In honor of pride month, Toronto's Tim Singleton brought his trademark colorful, trendy style to the North American Starbucks universe on May 30.

“A lot of the work that I do focuses on queerness and how that has inspired me — both as a queer person and a gay man and how I relate to the world with that,” Singleton shares in a press release. "It really is a story of self-expression and the unrelenting freedom to express yourself how you want, and that there isn’t really one right way to do it."

Photo via Starbucks

You can show off your support of the LGBTQIA+ community and artists by picking up one of Singleton's designed 24-ounce tumblers or 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler. Admittedly, I am so obsessed with the meaning behind the hand holding the fan on the thermos.

"I just love the connection of the fan to the queer scene – you see them at drag shows and at Pride events. When you hear that loud clap of the fan [by a group] in unison it speaks to a sense of joy and freedom and that sense of community you have when everyone is doing that in sync," Singleton says. "It’s one of those beautiful, harmonious moments."

Hey, if I can show I am a drag fan and supporter through my little Starbucks pride coffee cup, I am going to do it!

What else is Starbucks sharing this summer?

Along with the rainbow-centric Tim Singleton art collab cups, Starbucks lovers are finding all sorts of new tumbler and bottles to add to their collection. RayahSunshine shared multiple new offerings out this week including a blue floral tumbler, a glass blue cold cup, a stainless steel sage cup, a gradient-colored stainless steel tumbler, and even a Tritan water bottle.

For the glam girlies, you may want to keep your eyes out for this bubblegum pink grid cup. TikTok is frankly obsessed with the sparkly tumbler. 

Will Stanley Cups be restocked at Target Starbucks locations?

According to some TikTok users, Stanley Starbucks collabs were restocked as early as last week. User Maria Victoria notes that her Target only received six peach Stanley collabs, and she encourages individuals to ask their barista if they have them behind the bar. 

Starbucks TikTok influencer RayahSunshine believes that the cups will be restocked at the end of May, but "there's no guarantees," she says.

She recommends making friends with Target employees who can check for shipment tracking information. Every location has a different shipment date, if they have a shipment coming in at all. "You've gotta be there at the right place, at the right time," she says. You can expect the cups to be places on shelves at random times of the day rather than right at the beginning of the day.