You know how it's finally hot girl summer? Well, for me, it's hot dog summer! I am first and foremost, a grill girlie. I am always looking for ways to maximize flavor, crisp up my crusts, maintain juicy interiors, and the like. Of course, 2022 yielded great hot dog tips such as cross-hatch cuts and grilled cheese wraps, but 2023 is really upgrading the life hacks for summer BBQs. This viral hot dog hack shared by Carolina Gelen is so simple and effective, I'm kind of baffled I never thought of it sooner. 

How do I spiralize a hot dog?

All you need for this viral hot dog hack is a skewer, metal or wooden will do, and a good knife. First, you need to put your hot dog on the skewer. Then, cut down and around at a 45-degree angle, effectively spiralizing your dog. You can also easily apply this technique to any hot dog, sausage, or vegetarian/vegan option. 

Here, Carolina cooks with a cast iron pan over an open-flame grill. However, you can still get those wonderful grill marks when using a propane grill or frying pan on a stove, too. 

"This easy technique gives you more surface area for caramelization, more flavor, and definitely more fun," Carolina says in the video. 

Who knew science could be so delicious? With more surface area, you have more room to catch beautiful condiments, toppings, and seasonings. 

What toppings can I put on a spiralized hot dog?

Like Carolina, you can be super experimental and fancy with your condiments. She used her cast iron pan to make a spicy and savory roasted red pepper salsa. Also, she upgraded traditional mayo by adding chopped dill pickles and brine to it and mixing it to perfection. 

While Heinz ketchup and French's mustard are always the perfect options to add to your dog, you can also make this copycat recipe for Whataburger's spicy ketchup. Plus, we totally recommend trying out some unique combinations such as mac 'n' cheese, mushrooms, or cream cheese and sriracha. 

Of course, you can never ever go wrong with a plain spiralized hot dog in a fresh white bun.