Snapchill, a cold-canned coffee company, has recalled all of its canned products after the Food and Drug Administration warned of production ingredients that posed a risk for botulism, a foodborne illness.

The FDA released a statement on June 17 expressing concern over the production processes of the company stating that the ingredients could lead to the growth of a fatal toxin called Botulinum. 

What is Botulinum?

Botulinum is a bacteria that can produce toxins that have the potential to block different nerve functions and could also lead to paralysis in the muscles if conditions worsen. 

Side effects of Botulism can include fatigue, vertigo, weakness, and even blurred vision.

The FDA stated that the growth of this bacteria was susceptible within Snapchill’s products due to its manufacturing process for low-acid canned products not abiding by the regulations of the food agency. 

Which canned products are being taken off the shelves?

Snapchill’s nationwide recall includes over 300 of their canned products that were being sold online, as well as distributed to a variety of roasters and retail stores across the country. Some of the roasters include Baba Java Coffee, Black Nerd, Bold Bean, Cape Cod Coffee, Dave’s Coffee, Electro Brew Coffee Co., Heine Bros, Larry's Coffee, and more.

I think it’s safe to say that Snapchill’s sales have come to a bitter end. 

What do I do if I’ve already purchased Snapchill’s coffee products?

Whether you’ve bought these canned brews in-store or online, there are a couple of ways to make sure you get your money back and your health stays in check.

If you’ve already bought Snapchill products from a store near you, it is recommended that you take them back for a return and you are eligible for a full refund with proof of your purchase. If you ordered online and can’t make a return to your local store, it’s best to either throw away any items or return them to the Snapchill company.