Providence, Rhode Island is an up-and-coming city that continues to welcome coffee and bubble tea shops to the tired and stressed college students at Brown and RISD. I am a senior at Brown, and some of the toughest academic moments for me have been saved by a cup of coffee at my local coffee shops at Brown and RISD. 

Blue State Coffee

An absolute favorite is Blue State Coffee. Feel to snag a table in the Brown Bookstore shop or at the second location up on Thayer Street. Be warned that getting a spot can be really tricky, but once you are able to get one, you can sit for hours with a friend taking turns talking and studying. Buy a gift card to build up points and get a free drink! My favorites are their chai lattes.

The Shop

Looking for somewhere closer to Wickenden? Head to The Shop for the best coffee and toasts! Although the seating is limited, there is outdoor seating when the weather is right and can be a great place to read. This is a great place to get your walking, and I highly recommend their iced americanos and avocado toast. You will not be disappointed!

Plant City

You might be looking for a spot to grind and study, and Plant City has got you covered. With plenty of individual tables, a huge variety of drinks, and plant-based menus to choose from, you can work there from morning to night. There have been countless days when I have spent sitting in one chair studying for midterms in Plant City, and it has never let me down

Charuma Tea Bar

There is nothing better than a bubble tea to cheer you up during midterms and finals, and my go-to is Charuma Tea Bar. Head downtown to try a Smoky Oolong Milk Tea with boba and enjoy working at their window seating. Charuma Tea Bar is brand new to Providence, so go check them out and help support a local small business!

Dave's Coffee

You can't be a student at Brown or RISD without going to Dave's Coffee on Main Street. It is a classic for a reason: their excellent lattes and gorgeous bowls. If you're not in the mood to sit at their high top, head over to the pedestrian walking bridge and find a bench to sip your drink and work hard. Dave's seasonal lattes are a must-try each season and is another reason to spend your time there!


If you're less into coffee and more into tea, then Ceremony is the workplace for you. With excellent matcha and is undergoing a move to a new location, you will be able to find a calm and peaceful environment to read your Kafka and do some physics. Don't forget to check out their wide menu and even do a tea tasting if you have the time!

Don't forget to follow CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 and enjoy these coffee shops at Brown and RISD. These are some of my favorite coffee shops at Brown and RISD, but I may have missed some! Comment your favorite coffee in Providence below!