I think we have all felt the same love for Sweetgreen as Reneé Rapp. There really is nothing like the beloved, round, compostable bowls full of colorful and delicious ingredients. I think it’s safe to say we too would break down in tears like Rapp did in a recent TikTok. On a more positive note, the tears ended up being worth it for the Sex Lives of College Girls star now that she is partnering with the fan-favorite salad joint and giving her fans a chance to taste the bowl that has her crying with joy.

What is the Reneé Rapp Sweetgreen bowl?

Starting on September 13, Rapp’s own special bowl will be available in all Sweetgreen locations. So, what exactly is in this bowl that could spark such emotion? The famous concoction of this blonde beauty consists of roasted tofu, cilantro, cucumbers, red onions, shredded cabbage, spicy broccoli, and tomatoes on a spring mix bed doused in what Rapp shares is her favorite dressing: spicy cashew. For those of you who aren't Sweetgreen superfans like Rapp, the spicy cashew dressing is pretty much heaven on Earth. Okay, fine, if we want to get technical, the dressing is a rich and creamy sauce with ingredients like garlic, lime, and sriracha all mixed together to create nutty undertones and a unique delicious kick to your salad. 

Photos courtesy of Sweetgreen

Why does Reneé Rapp love Sweetgreen so much?

Now that we know what Rapp’s delicious bowl consists of, it begs the question, what started this all? The talented singer and actress has always been public with her love for Sweetgreen; she even remembers the very first time she tried this healthy heaven. Rapp told People magazine on September 12 that after she tried Sweetgreen for the first time she “went back to [her] friend’s dorm at Parsons and [was] so excited.” She also claims that after sharing her excitement about her new discovery with her mom, she was just “so excited, and then [she] was hooked.” 

Rapp’s team has also always been aware of her love for Sweetgreen’s salads, as she made it clear from the beginning that collaborating with them is a dream of hers. But Sweetgreen is important to Rapp on a personal level, too. Not only has she held private concerts there with her fans but she even told People magazine that Sweetgreen was “the first date [she] went on with [her] girlfriend,” who she has not officially hard-launched with yet.

This collaboration not only lets fans have a taste of what the “Snow Angel” singer has for lunch but also gives fans the opportunity to enter the Meet & Green Sweepstakes, which is a chance for four fans selected at random to receive a set of two free concert tickets with meet and greet passes, as well as $100 in Sweetgreen credit. In even better news, there is no purchase necessary to enter! 

Now that we've learned more about Rapp's special Sweetgreen bowl, I'm sure we'll be in tears when our Doordash arrives at our door, too. But be sure to order before October 23, the last day the bowl will be available.