This summer, designers Nik Bentel and Kortney Hinden created the ultimate food and fashion collaborative series: food purses! These aren’t simply food-themed purses, like the Kate Spade Pizza crossbody or a bejeweled tomato purse, but purses to actually hold your food. Let us explain. Nik is currently an artist and designer “who creates products and performances that engage views to reimagine their everyday objects.” He is the brilliant mind behind the pasta box purse, but now he has moved on to arguably more iconic pieces. As a part of their “new york picnic series” Nik and Kortney designed an I <3 NY Picnic Blanket, a hotdog purse, and a pizza purse.

Hot Dog Purse

Photo by Nik Bental Studios 

What do you do when you pass one of the hundreds of hot dog carts across the city and don’t have enough hands to hold your delicious delicacy? A hog dog purse, duh. And, the best part is that it can hold your hot dog, condiments, Coke, or water. This purse is so loved that it is currently out of stock. It was being sold for $120, a limited-edition purse of 20, and is made with genuine brown leather.

Pizza Purse

Photo by Nik Bental Studios 

Similar to the hot dog purse, the pizza purse is the perfect summer accessory for pizza in the park and is also currently sold out. It was on the market for $200, a limited-edition purse of 20, made from genuine brown leather. Trust us, with these products, you will be the new influencer.

Picnic Blanket

Photo by Nik Bental Studios 

Who doesn’t love a trendy Instagram-worthy picnic? And what better way to enjoy this picnic than with a classic New York blanket? Designed as one of the tourist must have, I <3 NY t-shirts, this blanket is fun and different and definitely gives a sense of uniqueness as well as tradition. It is currently being sold for $120, is 60 inches by 87 inches, and is a limited-edition collection of 100.