There’s nothing like the sour, mouth-puckering taste of a juicy pickle. Whether you’re a free spirit that fishes pickle spears straight out of the jar or someone who casually enjoys relish on a hot dog now and again, Sonic’s new pickle fries are sure to shake up your taste buds. 

This isn’t the first time Sonic has had pickle fries on the menu.

Originally launched in 2022, the delectable snack is not new —Sonic’s pickle fries have returned intermittently throughout the years, often for a limited time only (to the exasperation of pickle fans everywhere). Back in July, @lisbethcrios took to X (formerly Twitter) to say “petition to have sonic bring back the fried pickle fries.” Another, @postmurder, said “it’s criminal for sonic to not bring back the pickle fries for summer.” 

Pickle fries are back at Sonic.

Now, almost mid-September, Sonic listened to the people’s cries. Starting September 11, pickle fries will be available in participating Sonic locations for an, unfortunately, limited time. But, can you really complain when such an irreplaceable snack has made its return, albeit brief?

What are pickle fries?

These dill pickle spears are cut into a fry shape, coated in a light tempura batter, and fried until crispy and golden brown. Paired with a side of ranch, it’s the perfect addition alongside a burger or sandwich of your choice. 

Run (don’t walk!) to your nearest Sonic to get a taste of the pickle delicacy before they sell out!