Sonic's Pickle Juice Slush is one of the newest novelty items of the summer. Combining two American favorites—slushies and pickles—it has to be a winner...right?

The pickle juice slush has a unique bright green color that looks like it came from the undergrounds of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episode. While some people are trying to figure out what's actually in the drink (besides pickle juice), there a lot of taste test videos that show a mixture of reactions, ranging from horror to delight.

The allure of this of tangy, yet sweet combo made me want to try it, but I also wanted to see if the novelty slush could be used for more than just shock value, like curing a hangover. 

Athletes have used pickle juice as a way to quickly hydrate themselves and stop cramping, so the idea made sense. The pickle slush has all the makings of a hangover cure. It is a wacky mixture of flavors, but it's also cold and hydrating. 

The Trial

With all this in mind, I took my tired, weak and hungover self to Sonic early one morning after a night out. I anxiously ordered the newly famous Pickle juice Slush in hopes of soaking up my hangover.

It tasted refreshing, but a tad bit confusing. The texture felt like a typical sweet slushie, but the sour pickle juice quickly made that thought disappear.

The all-around flavor was something hard to wrap my head around, but at that moment, I was just glad to be drinking something cold.

Alex Frank

After I had finished about half of the drink, I decided the slush was indescribable. It wasn't bad, but it certainly should only be enjoyed in small quantities. Everything from the taste, texture and even the color, was created to be novel, a goal that was undoubtedly achieved.

Curing The Hangover

The taste test was not the mission, though. The true purpose in trying the drink was to cure a horrible hangover brought on by drinking summer drinks. The slush did serve to hydrate me and made me feel a little bit more awake.

The downfall though, for me, was the unique taste. It was almost too overwhelming to drink all of it with my hangover. I even began to fear the stomach ache I was getting more than the hangover itself.

When I had finished drinking the full Pickle Slush, I will admit, I did feel a little bit better. I felt less groggy, and my headache had subsided, presumably because of the hydrating factor of the drink. Unfortunately, the nausea and lethargy were still in full effect.

Alex Frank

The Verdict

Overall, I think the Sonic Pickle Slush is a unique summertime drink. It played on my curiosity and love for pickles. However, the taste was a bit too much for me to order this drink more than once in a great while.

As a Hangover cure, the slush provided moderate relief from my general symptoms. It made me feel hydrated and calmed my headache, but the stomach pains and my need for a nap were still there.

All said and done, I personally would order a small Pickle Juice Slush again, but maybe add a hotdog with it for a nice summertime pairing.