With his iconic ‘drip,’ Washington Wizards basketball star Kyle Kuzma is definitely one of the most fashionable NBA players. And now, he’s probably the most hydrated. With the new ‘Sips and Drips’ campaign, Kuzma has partnered with Panera to offer free unlimited sip club membership through July 4.

How do I get the Free Unlimited Sip Club Membership at Panera?

New subscribers who sign up in the Panera app through May 18 will receive free Unlimited Sip Club membership through July 4. They will be entered to win an Annual Unlimited Sip Club membership.

What does the Unlimited Sip Club Membership at Panera include?

Sip Club members have free, unlimited access to over 25 beverages, including:

Fountain Soda (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Starry, bubly Lime, Brisk Raspberry Tea, Dr Pepper, and Canada Dry Ginger Ale)

Drip Hot Coffee (Colombian Light Roast & Dark Roast, Decaf, Hazelnut)

Iced Coffee (Colombian Dark Roast)

Hot Tea (The Republic of Tea premium teas and herbs, including British Breakfast, Earl Greyer, Mango Ceylon, Ginger Peach, Honey Ginseng Green, and Orange Ginger Mint Herb)

Iced Tea & Lemonade (Black Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Passion Papaya Green Tea, Agave Lemonade)

Charged Lemonades (Fuji Apple Cranberry, Mango Citrus Yuzu, and Strawberry Lemon Mint)

TBH, I would get this deal just for the Charged Lemonades. They may have single handedly gotten me through finals week. Shoutout to my college for putting a Panera in the student union. I love mixing the Mango Citrus Yuzu with Strawberry Lemon Mint. It’s so refreshing and the tropical vibes are perfect for summer. But fair warning, many TikTokers are comparing the Charged Lemonades to “crack in a cup,” with the largest size containing almost 400 milligrams of caffeine.

#SpoonTip: If you prefer a less concentrated dose of caffeine try mixing your favorite charged lemonade flavor with the regular Agave Lemonade. I love doing this, because I can adjust the ratio depending on my mood and energy level!

How does the Unlimited Sip Club Membership at Panera work?

This Unlimited SIp Club offer is ideal for summer road trips. I don’t know about you, but I always have to have a nice cold drink in my cup holder. With the Unlimited Sip Club, you can stop at any Panera anytime and grab a drink for free! Just remember to cancel your subscription before July 4 to avoid being charged. If you choose to keep the subscription, it’s honestly still a great deal. At $11.99 a month, it pays for itself after four drinks. Also, the Unlimited Sip Club is perfect for my beverage girlies out there.

Grab an iced coffee for energy, an agave lemonade for fun, and a bubly Lime seltzer for hydration, and you’re all set!