Update, April 26, 2023: If you missed out on the OG Baguette Bag from Panera, no knead to worry – now you can get in on the trend scoring a variety of bread-inspired ‘Carb-Couture’ all in one-stop-shop, thanks to the launch of Panera Bread’s first-ever online merchandise storefront, The Panera Shop.

Wait. What's the BAGuette Bag from Panera?

As part of The Panera Shop launch, the brand is answering customers’ prayers and bringing back the viral BAGuette Bag. The iconic purse launched in February and sold out in a matter of minutes. You’ll also be able to shop other bread-themed apparel and accessories inspired by favorite menu items like a cozy Mac Drip sweatshirt and sweatpants, “Just Baked” baby onesies and even some gear for your pup.

How can I buy the BAGuette Bag from Panera?

Here's how to buy the BAGguette Bag from Panera. The Panera Shop will go live on Monday, May 1 exclusively for MyPanera members through May 7, for the brand’s second-ever MyPanera Week. Starting May 8, The Panera Shop will then be open to the general public, however if you want early access all you have to do is sign up for MyPanera ahead of May 1.

Plus, MyPanera Week – which takes place May 1 through May 7 – will celebrate more than 52 million MyPanera loyalty members with exclusive perks and offers on “Panera Faves” throughout the week.

Original article, February 4, 2023: Fashionable bread has, interestingly, been all the rage recently. First, the Croc-ssaint dominated TikTok; baguettes have ruled the runway; and the compact purses named after the iconic bread and popularized by Fendi have been having a moment, thanks to the Sex and the City reboot. Now, as the experts in all things bread, Panera is stepping up to the plate to create a BAGuette bag — a bag for your sandwich — designed in a way that it really should be, perfect for both the fashion aficionado and the foodie.

On February 7, Panera will launch the BAGuette – the ultimate accessory that is the perfect size for carrying one of Panera’s new Toasted Baguette sandwiches.

Image by Noah Fecks for Panera

The purse comes in a trendy green hue with a subtle embossed pattern that pays homage to the Panera logo and a gold clasp to ensure your sandwich is transported safely. And, if your pet peeve is also having nowhere to hold your compact, the Panera BAGuette features a convenient shoulder strap for all of your ventures to the newest hot food spot. Plus, this baguette bag even comes with…a real baguette. Yup, you can carry your bread and eat it, too.

Image by Noah Fecks for Panera

As a follow up to the new Panera Toasted Baguettes that launched just a few weeks ago, the abundant sandwiches start at $9.99 each and are prepared with fresh ingredients. The sandwiches come in three bold recipes, including the Green Goddess Caprese Melt, Pepperoni Mozzarella Melt, and a Smoky Buffalo Chicken Melt.

The good news is this runway-worthy bag won’t cost you a ton of dough – 500 limited edition BAGuette purses are available on PaneraBaguetteBag.com for $39.50, with a pre-sale starting on February 7. Let’s get this bread.