We're only halfway through January, and the internet is already popping off with food memes. Last week, Josh Wine reigned supreme, and this week is all about peeling oranges for your S.O. If you're confused about the onslaught of orange talk on the TL, just know that while it is peak citrus season, the origins of these memes can be traced back to one viral video. (Though, the test was first seen in 2023.) Enter the "orange peel theory," the new "test" used to see if your partner cares about you by asking them to perform a simple task. Peeling the orange is a relationship green flag, while not peeling it is a relationship red flag. In a recent video by @shelbyywilfong, Shelby asks her partner to peel an orange for her to avoid messing up her nails. "A great boyfriend would tell you to do it yourself," he says off-camera. 

#SpoonTip: These TikTok tests do not measure actual love or compatibility with your partner. 

Now, Vice reporter Helen Meriel Thomas pointed out that this social media couple often posts rather toxic, seemingly scripted couple skits. However, many users across TikTok are testing this on partners and filming their reactions, and people on X are running wild with orange peel memes. Some posts even include how the bar for heterosexual relationships is in hell. Interestingly, in many cultures, peeling fruit and serving it is a form of love. In fact, Eater wrote a whole article about this. 

While there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to examining the health of your relationship, giving and receiving fruit is just a loving thing to do in romantic, familial, platonic, etc. relationships. That being said, here are the best orange peel memes that arrived from this week's internet discourse. 

Would they cut onions for you?

If my S.O. did this for me, I would propose on the spot and make some delicious french onion soup. 

Pride & Prejudice & Oranges

"Please do me the honor of accepting my hand... full of peeled citrus." - Mr. Darcy

Mr. Steal Your Girl

Is it wrong if I eat my new orange boyfriend on the first date?

A peel is still a peel...

It's gorgeous, and I want it gone ASAP.

Peeta Mellark: Dream Man

And he might even turn it into a delicious bread or pastry for you. 

It's Always Sunny was ahead of its time 

Get yourself a Mac who can peel apples and be your head of security. 

A new stress relief tactic just dropped.

IMHO, I think this is actually a pretty decent date idea. 

True Love

This feels like something to tell HR about. 

I Do

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is peeling. 

The Perfect Orange

The love is in the details. 

Eternal Love

This person is a keeper.