If your social media feed isn't filled with people enjoying a shower tangerine or sprinkling brown sugar and soy sauce on grapefruit, then we are not on the same side of TikTok. To me, that means it's citrus season, the zestiest time of the year where the only thing brightening up my day is a juicy pomelo, lime, and yuzu.

When is citrus season?

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Citrus season runs from late fall to late winter. Although most varieties are available year-round, this time of year is when you will find the sweetest, juiciest citrus at its peak. It's also the thing that's gets me through the cold, wet days of January and February. 

Blood orange

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These absolute beauties are known for having rich, ruby-red interiors and a bright, berry-like flavor. These make a gorgeous and tart winter salad. Just mix with herbs and layer on top of ricotta.

Buddha's hands

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This citrus variety looks true to its name, but cut it open and you'll see it's mostly peel. It's pretty as a centerpiece, though!


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This citrus is super common in Filipino recipes with a tart intensity of a lime with the sweetness of an orange. It's a great counter to any rich dishes, and you'll find it squeezed onto noodle dishes like pancit, mami and lomi, and arroz caldo.

Clementine, mandarin, & tangerine

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These small, flat, and easy-to-peel varieties of citrus take on a sweeter flavor and make a very lovely snack, inside or outside the shower. It may sound weird to eat in the shower, but think about it. The hot steam releases more sweet aromas, and the running water means your hands never get sticky. 


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Grapefruit can be quite polarizing. People either love it or hate it. As a grapefruit-apologist, even I can admit its bitter flavor. I like to add a sprinkle of brown sugar and broil it in the oven. But you could also add a little bit of soy sauce (or something salty) really helps to diminish the bitter flavor.


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These tiny little citrus fruits are best eaten whole — yes, with the peel. That orange outside is what is sweet. They make great marinades (just blend them up) or a super sweet marmalade. 


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You know these. You love these. Now, go make some winter lemonade.


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Zesty, bright, and delicious, throw the juice of these green beauties into sauces, marinades, and dressings. And of course, chase tequila with it.


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The navel orange is the variety you will most commonly see at grocery stores. They are in season from November through May, making them their juiciest right now. Along with being the best snack, try making orange-cello (an orange version of limoncello).


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A pomelo, also known by its scientific name Citrus maxima, is the largest citrus. If you don't like most citrus fruits because of their intense tart flavors, try a pomelo. It's the sweetest and least sour variety of citrus. 

Sumo Citrus

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If you weren't on Sumo TJ TikTok last year, you were missing out. Sumo Citrus is like a giant mandarin. It has the intense sweetness of the smaller version while being the size of a big orange. It's also easy to peel and don't make a mess.


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Yuzu has a sharp and bright sour flavor. On the outside, it looks like a lime, but on the inside, it has the coloring of an orange. It's a perfect addition to cocktails as it packs a punch.