There’s a multitude of things that McDonald’s fans ask the fast food chain to bring back. For a majority, it’s the snack wraps (understandably so!). For others, it’s the Spicy Chicken McNuggets. McDonald’s introduced the chicken nuggets in 2020, with many raving about the spicy choice. However, the Spicy Chicken McNuggets didn’t stick around for long with McDonald’s offering them for a limited time. Unfortunately, the chicken nuggets are still not permanently on the McDonald’s menu, but Spicy Chicken McNuggets are back, and of course, for a limited time.

Here's where to get McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

At McDonald’s, obviously. However, the spicy nuggets will only be available at select locations.

As of March 25, customers can get the Spicy Chicken McNuggets at the San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, and New York City locations as well as other participating locations. My tip, check in with your local McDonald’s before going to make sure the spicy nuggets are there. 

How do the McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets taste?

The chicken nuggets are an elevated version of the OG McNuggets with a crispy coating that’s spiced with a blend of aged cayenne and chili pepper chicken nuggets.

It’s a fan-favorite that currently has X in a frenzy with many users tweeting dancing gifs to celebrate the announcement.

“Spicy McNuggets are back. It’s a good day,” tweeted user @shego03.

If you’re in the Spicy Chicken McNugget area, customers have the options of a 4-piece, 6-piece, 10-piece, 20-piece, or 40-piece order. For sauces, opt for the sweet and sour sauce, ranch if you need to mellow out the spiciness, or the WcDonald's sauce — a savory chili sauce with ginger, garlic, soy, and chili flakes. The latter, though, is also only available at participating restaurants for a limited time.