Pies are a top-tier holiday dessert — apple, pumpkin, you name it, it’s probably great. Fast-food pies are also a guilty pleasure. McDonald’s has pies which is something I completely forgot until I rolled up to the McD’s and saw something I haven’t seen in a while. Now that we’re days away from December, ‘tis the season, and a menu item oh-so-nostaglic to me has come back. It’s an item worth waiting in line for. Back again this season is McDonald’s Holiday Pie.

What is McDonald’s Holiday Pie?

McDonald’s Holiday Pie is a pastry filled with a “creamy smooth, vanilla custard,” according to its website. It’s then topped with a sugary glaze and rainbow sprinkles. Sounds pretty appealing to me.

People on TikTok are already announcing the return of the pie. Markie_devo on TikTok says that the pies are “so freaking amazing” and calls the pie a “masterpiece”. Foodwanderer says that the crust is like sugar cookies and the whole thing tastes like cake batter.

How can you get your hands on McDonald’s Holiday Pie?

The holiday pie originally came out in 1999 and has stuck around this long, so clearly they are doing something right. It has an iconic coloration to it from the sprinkles that make it look fun and festive. Whether it’s nostalgia or just pure sweet goodness, the McDonald's Holiday Pie is back for another round of holiday fast food delight, although it won’t be here to stay.

The handheld desserts stop selling on December 30, so get yours while you can. You can either order in-store or through the McDonald’s app, or you can get yours delivered through your delivery service of choice.

Want to make it at home?

In case you aren’t in a place where the holiday pies are being sold, or you’re just feeling crafty, here’s a simple copycat recipe from The Novice Chef, and a TikTok version by thegoodgirl_90 for our visual learners in the crowd.

Start with making the custard, which is cream cheese, a vanilla pudding packet, and boxed vanilla cake mix, along with milk and vanilla extract. Stir that all up, then add a portion of custard in between two strips of pie crust, either pre-made or homemade. Coat the top of the crust with a thin layer of egg wash and then bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. When fully baked, top with sprinkles and some frosting drizzle.