Do you like banana cream pie and milkshakes? If so, Erewhon has the perfect drink for you. Erewhon brought together two well-loved desserts to make a tasty smoothie.

Erewhon, whose popularity exploded after a Balenciaga runway show where the models carried Erewhon paper bags, is known for creating smoothies with influencers. A perfect example is Olivia Rodrigo's fruity and healthy smoothie, Good 4 ur GUTS. Erewhon is constantly elevating its smoothie game with new influencers. Its newest creation, in collaboration with Matilda Djerf, a Swedish influencer and fashion designer, is the Banana Cream Shake

How does the Matilda Djerf Erewhon smoothie taste?

The look alone of this drink is enough for anyone to want to try it. Topped with sprinkled coconut flakes, pie crust, and coconut-styled whipped cream, this dessert appears mouthwatering. But does it look as good as it tastes? I took to TikTok to find out, and I discovered people love this drink. The pie crust adds a delicious sweetness, and one influencer compared the drink to banana pudding. Other influencers say it's the banana version of the Hailey Bieber Strawberry Glaze Skin Smoothie

What’s in the Matilda Djerf Erewhon smoothie?

Erewhon is known for using organic ingredients designed to support healthy bodies. The Banana Cream shake is no different. Ingredients include organic MALK unsweetened almond milk, organic Zuma Valley Coconut Cream, Agent Nateur Holi Collagen, NOVOS Core Longevity Formula, organic maple syrup, organic cinnamon, organic dates, organic banana, organic coconut flakes, Tocos (short for tocotrienols, a fat-soluble relative of Vitamin E), vanilla collagen, and Erewhon Scratch Pie Crust.

Erewhon put together a specific list of ingredients to make anyone into a radiant, healthy goddess. The Banana Cream shake includes vitamin D, vitamin B12, magnesium, and zinc, which are ingredients designed to improve your overall health. The smoothie also has Agent Nateur Holi Collagen and NOVOS Core Longevity Formula that will enhance your skin's elasticity and help your joints. 

How much is the Matilda Djerf Erewhon smoothie?

Anyone can pick up this banana and whipped cream smoothie for $18. Erewhon's smoothie prices range from $8 to $23. A designated amount of the proceeds for this drink will be donated to charity.