If you’ve ever accidentally gotten a taste of sunscreen while noshing on a poolside snack and thought, ‘that actually tastes pretty good,’ then boy, does Erewhon have a treat for you.

Erewhon, the bougie California grocery store known for its high prices and collaborations with Hailey Bieber, already has a large selection of smoothie flavors. But a newcomer to the menu, just in time for summer, is a smoothie that tastes like the lotion we use to protect our skin from the sun. 

What does the Erewhon sunscreen-flavored smoothie taste like?

This sunscreen-flavored treat comes from a collaboration between Erewhon and Vacation, a brand that advertises its sunscreen as “The World’s Best Smelling Sunscreen.” It took the saying “smells good enough to eat” and turned it into a reality with this new smoothie.

The Vacation Sunscreen Smoothie is technically coconut flavored, its flavoring coming from five different coconut-ty sources — coconut milk, coconut water, coconut soft serve, coconut meat, and coconut whipped cream, all organic of course. It also includes banana, aloe, salt, their own brand of vanilla, and Blue Spirulina.

How much is the Erewhon sunscreen-flavored smoothie?

Licking the sunscreen off your lips yet? You can grab this SPF-inspired treat for $9, a summertime steal considering Erewhon’s other smoothies sit around $19. Though you are getting less bang for your buck here, as this smoothie is only 12 ounces compared to the usual 20. But if you’re an Erewhon member, you’re in luck, because the smoothie is free to you through June 14. 

Is the Erewhon sunscreen-flavored smoothie good?

Now, is it actually any good? Reviews of the sunscreen smoothies have begun to trickle onto TikTok and the reviewers are saying it’s pretty average. The banana apparently overwhelms the coconut, which banana does tend to do, and there’s plenty of sweetness to satisfy the need for a sweet treat. But allegedly, it’s nothing special.

The drink is a limited-edition offer that only lasts until the end of June. So if you’re craving this intriguing treat, get running across scorching pavement before the sunscreen smoothie washes away forever. And slap on some real sunscreen before you go as Erewhon made sure to note that “this smoothie does not, in fact, protect your skin from the sun.”