In honor of Hot-N-Ready’s 20th anniversary, Little Caesars is celebrating with a summer full of giveaways and getaways. The sweepstakes will run until September 1 and offer thousands of prizes to lucky fans from gift cards to NFL tickets. The pizza chain is deeming this the “Summer of Hot-N-Ready Giveaways & Getaways.” Here’s everything you need to know about the sweepstakes.

What are some of the Hot–N-Ready prizes?

Weekly prizes throughout the summer range in retail value from $132 to $18,810, with over 320 chances to win. The June prizes include a gift card for one Classic Pizza a week for an entire year and a Little Caesars clock. 

As far as getaways, fans also have the chance to win experiences like NFL tickets and hotel accommodations for two. But the fun doesn't stop there, the Summer of Hot-N-Ready also offers Weekly Food Prizes such as free Crazy Bread and two-liter Pepsi-Cola products.

Here’s how you can get a slice of the action. 

The Hot-N-Ready giveaways are open to any legal United States residents over 18 years old and there are two ways to enter.

For frequent Little Caesars customers, the easiest way to enter the sweepstakes is by simply making a purchase at participating locations or ordering online and then following the instructions to upload the receipt on the sweepstakes site. For this entry to be valid, participants must enter within the given Weekly Entry Period — starting from Monday at 12:00 a.m. until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. — in which the purchase was made.

The other way to enter is via mail, which does not require any purchases. In order to enter this way, participants must mail a letter to the Summer of Hot-N-Ready Giveaways and Getaways, P.O. Box 7775, Melville, NY 11775 with information including a valid email and home address. Random prize drawings occur roughly two weeks after the initial Weekly Entry Period closes.

Clearly, Little Caesars is entering Hot-N-Ready’s next decade with a bang. So get out there, win some prizes, and “cheese” the day.

For more information about prizes and eligibility, please visit the Summer of Hot-N-Ready Giveaways and Getaways website