The bang to buck ratio of Little Caesars makes it a go-to option for fast, yummy, and wallet-friendly eating. Even the most seasoned plant-based eater may be surprised to know that a vegan Little Caesars order is possible. Their classic pizza, as well as the fan-favorite Crazy Bread can be modified for a vegan diet. Plant-based eaters rejoice!

A vegan diet is one free from animal products. That means no meat, no dairy, and no eggs. Vegan and pizza don't always come hand in hand (think slow motion cheese pull) but it is possible at Little Caesars. Here's how:


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Jocelyn Hsu

Little Caesars is known for their $5 hot and ready pizzas. Unfortunately, this deal only applies to their cheese and pepperoni pies. Any other pizza will cost you a little more and will need some time for preparation. For a modified vegan meal, you can either call the store ahead of time to place your order, or order in store and be prepared to wait a little while. I always prefer to call ahead so my food is ready as soon as I arrive. 

Vegan Little Caesars Pizzas

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The Little Caesars' regular crust and their regular marinara sauce are vegan. When you're ordering a pizza, keep these basics and ask for a pie without cheese. Then load up your pie with veggies and fruit (I'm looking at you, pineapple). Be careful with the "Hula Hawaiian" pizza. While it does have pineapple on it, it also has ham (which is not vegan). If pineapple is your jam, just ask for this pizza without cheese and without ham. 

I recommend sticking with the classic veggie pie for a mix of classic vegetable toppings, and asking for it without cheese to make it vegan. Delicious!

Vegan Little Caesars Sides

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Not many of the Little Caesars sides are vegan. Luckily, the piece de resistance can be altered to be. By piece de resistance, I'm referring to the Little Caesars branded breadsticks, Crazy Bread. When you're ordering, ask for an order of Crazy Bread without Parmesan. That's your vegan modification! Pretty simple. Feel free to request some extra sauce for extra dipping fun (it's vegan!).

Vegan Litte Caesars Desserts

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Unfortunately, none of the Little Caesars dessert menu items are vegan. However, you can always make your own by saving a little bit of the crust from your pizza and smearing some fruit jam on it. If you're in the mood for something extra sweet, you can dust some vegan powdered sugar over top as well. Super simple and delicious.

A Little Caesars meal is not the most nutritious vegan dining option. However, it's pretty tasty and budget-friendly. If you find yourself hankering for a vegan pizza or want to jump in on a late night pizza order, Little Caesars is definitely worth a go.