Remember Lana Del Rey? The ethereal goddess in that iconic white dress, crooning "Summertime Madness" with a cigarette in hand that out of nowhere was seen working a shift in Waffle House in July? The singer recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter after pictures of her working at an Alabama Waffle House went viral. While Lana rocking a Waffle House apron may sound like the ultimate crossover event, fans are still eagerly awaiting her next album drop.

Is working at Waffle House Lana Del Rey’s new gig?

Nope! According to The Hollywood Reporter, she was dining with her siblings at the Waffle House this summer in Alabama when the servers asked if Lana Del Rey wanted shirts from the establishment. She gladly said yes — hence her shift at Waffle House.

Despite her little culinary escapade, Lana Del Rey isn't hanging up her microphone just yet. In fact, she's serving up some fresh tunes. Turns out, we will still be hearing more of her surreal voice in new albums, and Lana was just getting a twist of life after a week in Alabama with her siblings.

Jack Antonoff, the producer behind three of Lana's albums, said to The Hollywood Reporter that Lana is the kind of free spirit who can effortlessly transition from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the simple joys of truck rides and gas station coffee.

So, while Lana may have given us a taste of Waffle House wonder, rest assured that her musical magic is still in the works. As a matter of fact, Lana was spotted at three concerts this month in Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Earlier this month, she was seen at Robert Western World in Nashville singing a cover of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man.” 

Fans took to X to show their excitement. Singing to a 150-capacity venue proves Lana Del Rey’s musical magic is still very much alive.