An electric, automatic dumpling wrapping machine on Amazon has gone viral on TikTok, and within the last week, users have posted content reviewing the product. This sounds like a product anyone would love because rolling any type of dumpling or egg roll by hand takes a lot of time and effort — nothing against time in cooking, but for my grandmother who has arthritis in her fingers, she would love this. The issue is that these videos range from incredibly satisfying, where the user has no problem getting their dumplings to mold, or painstakingly disappointing, watching the machine fail over and over again.

How can I buy the automatic dumpling maker?

If you search “automatic dumpling maker” on Amazon there are a few different options that are all relatively the same, but the one that has gone viral is the “2024 New Electric Dumpling Maker Machine” that comes in a grayish white color. The electric dumpling maker normally costs $28, but is currently 20% off and costs $22 with Amazon Prime. It’s not crazy expensive, but it’s a pretty penny to spend on a very niche kitchen tool, and having it not work is a waste.

Photo from Amazon

The directions on the Amazon website for this product are just as users are doing. You place your dumpling skin on top of the two rolling presses, add your filling to the middle, wet the edges so that they stick together, and then press the button and the machine does all of the work for you.

Does the automatic dumpling maker work?

The amount of time I have lost, staring at my phone, eyes twitching, trying to will a satisfying dumpling fold is absurd. I know that I am totally susceptible to clickbait, and that users or bots are making money off of the amount of the time I watch one video, but I simply cannot help it. So perhaps my for you page is slightly biased, and the TikTok algorithm is showing me unsatisfying dumpling videos just to keep me around.

But, yes, I have seen videos where this has worked. I’m not sure how many are paid or sponsored, but there seems to be some trick. In the comments of these TikTok videos, some people say that you need to push the filling into the middle of the two moving parts. Others say the trick is to dampen your dumpling wrappers first so that they are more flexible and foldable.

As someone who hasn’t tried the automatic dumpling maker, I can’t really hate on it too much. Again, it is a good idea and has the potential to save people a lot of time. But would I buy it? No — because if I tried it and it didn’t work, it would be my very last straw.