We didn’t think there was a way to love Dolly Parton even more, but a new announcement from Krispy Kreme proved otherwise. Turns out the iconic country singer has a major sweet tooth just like the rest of us. On May 14, Krispy Kreme announced its brand new doughnut collection in collaboration with Dolly Parton available at their stores called the “Dolly Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection.” The collection consists of four flavors as sweet and southern as Dolly Parton herself. This collection gives us the magical gift of putting the most beloved southern desserts in doughnut form. To celebrate this new collaboration, Krispy Kreme is giving an additional gift to the hardcore Dolly Parton fans.

What flavors are in the Dolly Parton collection?

The four new flavors include Banana Puddin’ Pie, Chocolate Creme Pie, Peachy Keen Cobbler, and the Dolly Dazzler.

Banana Puddin’ Pie is inspired by the humble southern staple banana pudding. This unglazed doughnut is filled with banana pudding topped with bright yellow icing and a wafer cookie.

While chocolate cream may not be the first flavor you think of when imagining pie, it certainly will be after you try this Chocolate Creme Pie doughnut. The doughnut is glazed covered with chocolate cream, vanilla topping, and cookie crumble.

Peachy Keen Cobbler is a peach cobbler stuffed in a doughnut. What more could we ever ask for? Peach filling is inside this unglazed doughnut covered in brown sugar and cobbler topping.

Finally, what we believe to be the star of the show (fittingly named after the star) is the Dolly Dazzler. Krispy Kreme describes the pretty pink doughnut as, “dipped in strawberry icing, with gold, pink and white glitter sprinkles and a signature chocolate Dolly butterfly piece.”

How can I get a free doughnut for dressing up like Dolly Parton?

If you’re not a fan of elaborate doughnuts but want to show your love for Dolly Parton, don't worry. Krispy Kreme also has a deal at select storefronts where if you dress like Dolly Parton or dare to sing a Dolly song, you will receive a free glazed doughnut.