My family was not a Taco Tuesday family. We were a Cookie Tuesday family, which is arguably a lot less fun to say. But, hear me out, coming home from a long day of elementary school to a tray of cookies to share between you and your sibling while you watched an episode of Smallville before beginning homework is kind of, sort of the perfect way to live.

In celebration of Taco Bell’s win over Taco John’s in the great Taco Tuesday trademark lawsuit, Taco Bell is giving away free Doritos Locos Tacos for a month. In a press release, Taco Bell explained that “because now that Taco Tuesday is free — your tacos should be too.”

There was a Taco Tuesday lawsuit?

Oh yes, my friend. Since 1989, Taco John has had the trademark for Taco Tuesday in every state but New Jersey. Given the term’s relative popularity, it’s hard to imagine it was ever trademarked, which was ultimately the argument that supported Taco Bell’s case for free use and access to “Taco Tuesday.”

There was a “Free Taco Tuesday” movement

Taco Bell went so far as to start the “Free Taco Tuesday” movement, capitalizing on celebrity support, like that of LeBron James, to garner public support. Taco Bell and LeBron James produced a “Taco Bleep” commercial meant to remind consumers of the trademark battle.

There is one exception to this glorious giveaway. And that exception is New Jersey. The Taco Tuesday trademark is still owned in that state by a local restaurant called Gregory’s, and therefore will not get free Doritos Locos Tacos in celebration. Sorry, Garden State.

How to get free Doritos Locos Tacos

Every Tuesday, from August 15 through September, Taco Bell is offering one free Doritos Locos Tacos to each person who orders through the Taco Bell app or in-store.

Taco Bell is partnering with DoorDash for a special celebration

On September 12, Taco Bell and DoorDash will hold a Taco Tuesday celebration. Taco Bell explains that it will open a $5 million tab to cover orders from vendors selling Mexican cuisine. In other words, this deal will apply to more than just Taco Bell purchases on September 12.