If you were looking for an excuse to go to CAVA (and aren’t we all), I’ve got good news. The fast-casual Mediterranean chain just dropped the cutest bumper stickers, and they’re free while supplies last. Which means you’re gonna want to get to your local CAVA, stat. The chain behind Emma Chamberlain's favorite hummus made the announcement in an Instagram post, captioned “We made CAVA bumper stickers—and we're giving them away in our restaurants until they're gone! (Yes, they are going to go fast.)”

What do the CAVA stickers look like?

Based on their Instagram post, it seems that CAVA has four stickers available in this drop. Here’s my personal ranking:

1. MILF: Man I Love Falafel

2. Bowl On Board

3. I Am Lactose Intolerant, But I Eat Crazy Feta

4. I Break For Skhug

While the MILF sticker is my fave, I would be thrilled to get my hands on any of these. The new CAVA stickers are designed to be bumper stickers, but TBH I will (hopefully) be using mine to decorate my fave emotional support water bottle. These stickers would also go great on laptops, bikes, mirrors, mugs, or really any flat surface you’d like to spice up.

How can I get the CAVA stickers?

To get your hands on one of these adorable stickers, head to your closest CAVA restaurant ASAP and find them at check out. But you might want to hurry, because these are gonna go fast. BRB, I have to get to CAVA by 10:45am.