Two decades of a plant-based diet has made me quite the fiend for hummus. A reliable side, snack, or simple meal for those who keep sans meat, this Mediterranean staple stars frequently in my lunches and never fails to deliver on garbanzo-filled satisfaction. Endless room to improvise — think bright pink beet dips, avocado swirls, extra spicy renditions, or everything bagel seasoning topping — means I never get sick of hummus in its many forms. Living in one of the nation’s most vibrant food cities, I’m constantly on the lookout for epic versions of my favorite bean-based spread on the streets of Chicago.

My above average hummus consumption makes me uniquely qualified to critique the playing field. After plenty of deliberation, here is my list of 5 restaurants serving up the best hummus in Chicago — all that’s missing is a little pita. 

True Food Kitchen

As one of my first meals upon moving to Chicago, True Food’s hummus will always hold a special spot in my hummus-loving heart. Topped with kalamata olives, cucumbers, red onions and cherry tomato, the herbed spread dances with a zesty lemon vinaigrette for an extra fresh bite. True Food nails the balance of smoothness without a lack of texture. The mark of well-done hummus is a consistency blended enough to spread with enough structure to scoop up. Enjoyed alongside house-made pita or gluten free bread, the Herbed Hummus exemplifies True Food’s timeless promise to deliver robust flavor from simple, good-for-you ingredients.

Location: 1 W Erie St, Chicago


An upscale treat in comparison to other Chicago options, Aba’s exquisite Mediterranean fare is worth every penny of the splurge. With five different preparations of their homemade chickpea spread, there is an option sure to satisfy even the most skeptical hummus-eaters among us. A traditionalist through and through, nothing is better in my opinion than the Fulton District location’s Classic rendition, served with za’atar, crudité and a drizzle of olive oil. If I’m feeling fancy, the Wild Mushroom and Smoky Garlic (which brings a bit of a kick with the addition of chili oil) pose two dynamic flavor profiles, completely plant-based. Whether sprinkled with paprika or doused in mushroom ragu, there is simply no going wrong with Aba.

Location: 302 N Green St, Chicago

Oasis Cafe

Quick, cheap and more-than satiating, Oasis Cafe specializes in heaping portions of Mediterranean food at a college-friendly price point. Maintaining a meat-free diet is easy with a separate vegetarian menu and their homemade hummus is simply addicting. My go-to plate: hummus topped with paprika, with chopped cucumber tomato salad, crispy falafel, yellow rice and a generous helping of tahini. Looking for more? Try an appetizer of Foul: creamy Egyptian fava beans mashed down with hearty spices. 

Location: 21 N Wabash Ave, Chicago

Falafel & Grill

Simplicity takes center stage at Falafel & Grill, a no-frills Middle Eastern restaurant with a mission to serve their community fresh food and the best hummus in Chicago. A sucker for chickpea-topped hummus (it adds an extra layer of texture and a burst of pure garbanzo flavor), Falafel & Grill has me scooping up every last morsel of their vegetarian Falafel Plate. After six pieces of herbed falafel, a heap of hummus and a side of rice, I can say with full certainty that I am in no danger of a chickpea deficiency thanks to Falafel & Grill.

Locations: 1317 N Milwaukee Ave.

LaShuk Street Food

Decadent is the most apt description of LaShuk’s shareable hummus bowls (though you’ll have to fight me for a bite of mine). From a classic spread served with chickpeas, olive and herbs, caramelized onions and mushrooms, or fried-to-perfection falafel, each bite of authentic Israeli fare will have you equally enthralled by Chef Yosi Alhadif’s authentic Israeli recipe. Not to be forgotten are the Charred Eggplant covered in sumac, parsley and tahini, or an entire Roasted Cauliflower served with green tahini sauce, elevated only by a forkful of illustrious hummus. My saving grace is the CTA trip that separates me from LaShuk’s downtown location, otherwise my bank account would seriously suffer.

Location: 125 S Clark St, Chicago, IL