Have you heard of the TikTok trend where people put ketchup on KitKats? I unfortunately have! My FYP has been full of these videos for the past few weeks, with skeptical foodies trying to figure out just why this is so popular. The weirdest part of all is just how down they all seem to be with the combo once they try it. To be fair, no one is instantly converting to a diehard Kit-chup fan, but most seem to acknowledge there is an appeal to the mix. Some even compare it to a chocolate-covered strawberry.

Well, Heinz and KitKat seem to agree. In a collab post on June 6, the two brands soft-launched their own, official Ketchup-flavored KitKat. The actual name for it seems to be KitKat’Chup. (A bit of a mouthful, if you ask me.)

What’s the deal with this trend?

After some research, it turns out this trend was originally from 2021. TikTok user @Onebigpikey popularized this initially with his boisterous personality, asking if, “the government know[s] about this? … This should be illegal!”

It came back in 2024, after user @trinhdoesthings reuploaded a video she posted during the first round of virality to see if her taste buds had changed at all. This strange flavor profile seems to attract people, no matter the year, because this kickstarted a fresh round of popularity and the alleged new KitKat.

Is this announcement real?

The comments on the Heinz and KitKat announcement post all argue if this is a very late April Fool’s prank, insisting there’s no way this is real. However, other brands are in on the joke at least, with the official Kraft Dinner account commenting in response, “y’all wanna add cheese to the mix?”

While the graphic has been designed and food bloggers have reposted the news, it seems to be just a teaser at this point. If the brands are truly releasing this bold product, I think we’ll have to wait a while longer to actually get a final confirmation. But who knows, maybe I’ll be proven wrong and this will hit shelves soon! After all, neither brand is new to wacky flavors. The only people who know the truth are Heinz and KitKat themselves, and I think they want to keep us in suspense just a bit longer.