Summer sauces just got a whole lot more flavorful. Heinz just revealed on Tuesday that it is releasing two new flavors for the summer, and they are much fancier than your average ketchup — Black Garlic Ranch and Harissa Aioli.

What do they taste like?

Heinz explained that the Black Garlic Ranch flavor is a combination of a rich black garlic flavor and the creamy texture of ranch. This flavor is now being sold exclusively at Walmart. The Harissa Aioli on the other hand has a smokey red pepper flavor with added heat and is being sold at Target locations only.

Why did Heinz release these flavors?

The director of Heinz innovation at The Kraft Heinz Company Katie Peterson explained that the reason for this new summer drop is because of the outrageous amount of love they got on social media when the brand tested limited edition sauces in a few selected restaurants. "Our feed was filled with comments from fans who loved the sauces, as well as those who were clamoring to get their hands on them,” she said in a press release. "Seeing the irrational love the drops generated — particularly Black Garlic Ranch and Harissa Aioli — we knew we had to bring these products to store shelves nationwide so the rest of the country to enjoy them."

Photo via Heinz

The most love they got from these two flavors was from Gen Z, whom Heinz noted were the most anxious to taste these internationally inspired sauces. That’s not all though, because Heinz went on to reveal the “Sauce Drops” program in a press release, which entails releasing new sauce flavors to fans first before they hit retail in an attempt to follow their customer's preferences. The brand will be using its customer's reactions also when creating new nuanced flavors.

If you want to put in your input on what sauces get made, voice your opinion on Heinz’s Instagram @Heinz or their TikTok @Heinz_us