Remember when we were kids (when cable was still a thing), and the Gimme a break, Gimme a break, Gimme a break of that Kit Kat bar commercial would play countless times a day? I remember it so well, that jingle is still ingrained into my head. It turns out not just Americans are in love with the signature chocolate wafers. The world has taken interest in the popular candy, creating their own flavors that we unfortunately don’t have in North America. Here are 11 unique Kit Kat flavors that can be found in the fascinating country of Japan. Would this be a legit reason to go to Tokyo now?

1. Green Tea Flavor

The beautiful green color is just the beginning-- green tea Kit Kats are exquisitely rich and smooth. You can get your green tea fix on Amazon, but I'm not going to judge if you book a flight to Japan just for this.

2. Strawberry Cheesecake

The only thing better than strawberry cheesecake Kit Kats is strawberry cheesecake itself. If you aren't fortunate enough to live near a Cheesecake Factory, buy these Kit Kats to satisfy your cheesecake cravings.

3. Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar... and Kit Kats? I can't even imagine how this would taste. Sounds like the making of a hilarious April Fool's Day joke. Here's some more information on these interesting sweets. Could this pass for being healthy?

4. Sweet Potato

Purple sweet potatoes are a rarity in the United States, but they are a pretty common staple in Asia. They are considered a nutritional powerhouse, even more so than the orange ones we are familiar with. Taste the difference and buy these purple sweet potato flavored Kit Kats, because you'll never go back to sweet potato pie again.

5. Wasabi

I can feel the pain of the pungent, tear-jerking wasabi just looking at this picture. Try some with a group of friends, and see who holds out the longest.

6. Sakura

Sakura, or cherry blossoms, are a beautiful springtime sight in Japan. Trees are lined with these delicate pink flowers, and petals shower you with springtime snow. These kit kats look-- and taste-- just as beautiful as the flowers. If you don't believe me, see for yourself.

7. Choco Banana

One of our most loved combinations has returned in Kit Kat for. Chocolate. Banana. Wafer. That is all. Hurry and buy this today.

8. Lemon

They not just have lemon, but kit kat also makes a "citrus mix" package. I will be using kit kats to get my vitamin C intake. Buy it here.

9. Sweet Corn

Much of the United States creates an industry out of farming corn, and it definitely comes in a lot of varieties; corn syrup, medicine, and is even in our batteries. Now, this nostalgic summer staple is making its way into the Kit Kat world. Sadly, I couldn't find a link to buying this product online, so you actually need to go to Japan to get this.

10. Grape

I immediately thought of a grape-flavored Laffy Taffy when I saw this, because how can you make a grape chocolate wafer? Needless to say, I need to try this now for... you know... scientific purposes.

It's surprising that a candy so loved by everyone around the world flaunts its own variations. Based on how delicious the flavors are in the US, I can't imagine how they will taste in Japan. Apparently there are duty-free stores in the Tokyo-Narita airport that sell bulk boxes of interesting flavors like these. It sounds cool and all, but I just might need to go and have a look for myself.