Dairy Queen is known for its iconic chocolate and cherry-dipped cones, but the franchise is adding something new to the mix for ice cream fans: the churro-dipped cone.

Churros are one of my favorite desserts — I love the combination of the warm and crunchy fried dough with the sweet cinnamon sugar topping. DQ’s attempt at recreating this iconic treat begins with their classic soft serve which is then dunked in the churro-flavored dip and then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. 

What are DQ fans saying?

TikTok users have already been trying out the new cone, and the consensus is that it’s amazing and tastes just like a churro. TikTok user @hannah.dunigan says the new offering reminds her of the dearly missed Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard, which also showcases cinnamon flavor. 

If you're a fan of churros dipped in chocolate, you should definitely try out chocolate ice cream under your churro shell. This TikTok user, @whatwouldarianaeat, definitely recommends the choco-cinnamon combo. 

#SpoonTip: Try out some of these recipes if you're obsessed with churros as much as we are. 

What other new treats is DQ sharing?

Along with rolling out a new flavor, Dairy Queen is also giving away free ice cream to celebrate the first day of spring. On March 20, you can receive a free cup or cone of DQ’s vanilla soft serve at a location near you — and make sure you stop back in to try the churro-dipped cone, too. 

Additionally, if you're ready to get festive for St. Patrick's Day, you can also opt for DQ's themed treats. Whether you are a chocolate mint lover and need a Mint Brownie Blizzard in your life or a fruity Under The Rainbow Shake, you're sure to feel lucky this month.