Taco Bell is having a moment this summer. Between its strange Cheez-It collab to Baja Blasts in a bottle appearing in all of my local grocery stores, I’m constantly tempted to take a trip over to what is probably one of my favorite fast food stops. But Taco Bell seems determined to constantly outdo itself, as later this summer, the chain has promised to release a Baja Blast gelato nationwide.

What is the Baja Blast Gelato?

As someone whose favorite Taco Bell items have always been the Freeze flavors, (particularly the delightfully creamy Mango Whip Freeze that I pray they bring back every day) the thought of an ice cream from the restaurant is very exciting! At a Taco Bell in Irvine, California in August 2023, the gelato was released for a limited time, to see how much audiences would like the product. It was an overwhelming success, with the expected two-week rollout lasting only three days, all of which had been sold out.

The restaurant has been sitting on the product for awhile, but TB finally announced this release during the Live Más event back in February, a sort of expo for Taco Bell fans. The popular food blogger Snackolator confirmed this news on Friday, July 5. He says the taste is “pure fun” and greatly resembles the drink.

When’s the gelato coming out?

At this point, the only release date we have is this summer, specifically towards the end. However, considering Snackolator’s review saying this is “the perfect summer release,” I can’t help but feel this is a bit too late for an ice cream. Once it gets chillier in the fall, a gelato is at least slightly less enjoyable, a point many other Taco Bell fans seem to agree with. The comments on Snackolator’s post are full of people complaining, saying, “It’s already summer they late AF” and “Why at the end of summer?!?”

Nonetheless, I think I’m going to enjoy this sweet treat from Taco Bell no matter the release date. The announcement was accompanied by other Baja Blast items that will also hopefully hit stores soon, such as the Baja Blast pie and Ice Cream Chocolate Tacos, in partnership with brand Salt & Straw. These new menu items are sure to continue and shake up audiences, and I personally couldn’t be more excited to see what innovations are in store.