Alix Earle just graduated from the University of Miami and is celebrating in style, along with 13 of her girlfriends, on a three week trip to Europe. Since apparently my invite got lost in the mail, I’ve been following the trip on social media, and it’s equal parts idyllic and hilarious. From getting stranded in Naples to living out her Mamma Mia fantasy in Santorini, this trip is everything you’d expect from Alix Earle, and more. But my absolute favorite part has to be the food content. Here’s a few of the highlights from Alix Earle's Europe vacation.

1. A cooking class in Positano.

Alix and her gang made the most beautiful pasta from scratch, complete with fried squash blossoms and aperol spritzes. Recipe incoming? 

2. This gorgeous tuna dish (slide 5).

It looks so bougie and refreshing, the perfect meal for Alix.

3. And this delicious looking heart-shaped pizza (slide 3), topped with fresh tomatoes.

Because a trip to Italy isn’t complete without pizza, and who doesn’t love cute-shaped foods?

4. A wine tasting in Pompeii (So. Many. Glasses.)

According to Alix, the fastest way to get drunk is a wine tasting with your besties. Taking notes.

5. Some *bold* choices at the airport.

Would I buy hot dogs and poke bowls at an Italian airport? Probably not. But Alix would, and that’s why we love her. 

6. And finally, plate smashing at dinner in Santorini.

Photo by @alix_earle

Apparently this is a Greek tradition, said to ward off evil spirits from celebratory occasions. Who said following Alix Earle couldn’t be educational?

It looks like Alix Earle and her gang are having an incredible time and eating good, and I for one am enjoying living vicariously through her social media posts. I’m excited to keep following their trip as they head to Mykonos and Athens.

For now, you can find me sipping wine and eating Trader Joe’s (sadly not heart-shaped) frozen pizza on my porch, pretending I’m in Positano. A girl can dream, right?