If by now you aren’t familiar with social media sensation Alix Earle, I’ll give you a quick recap. Alix Earle is a 22-year-old senior currently attending the University of Miami who has shot to TikTok fame over the last six months. She is most well-known for her get-ready-with-me videos and as the girl who started the white eyeliner trend.

Tell me about the Alix Earle pre-workout & energy drink from AminoLean

Now with more than 4.6 million followers on TikTok and 2.3 million followers on Instagram, Alix Earle is becoming one of the biggest influencers for young shoppers. Yesterday, AminoLean announced a brand new partnership with Alix with the creation of a limited-edition pre-workout powder and energy drink flavor aptly named “Berry Alixir.”

The Alix Earle pre-workout

The Berry Alixir pre-workout powder has 125mg of caffeine that comes from green tea leaves and matcha, so it'll definitely give you an energy boost. “The coolest thing about the pre-workout is we added biotin in it which is good for hair, skin, and nails because I know a lot of people take those supplements already, so instead we just added it in," Alix said in a TikTok announcing the product.

The Alix Earle energy drink

The Berry Alixir energy drink has a bit more caffeine, with 200mg, also from green tea leaves, plus added aminos. IMO, the best part is that both of these new products have a delicious and sweet berry and hibiscus flavor that is not only vegan and gluten-free, but also has zero grams of sugar.

Where can I buy the Alix Earle pre-workout & energy drink from AminoLean?

the Alix Earle pre-workout & energy drink from AminoLean

Each of these products retails for between $29.99 and $34.99 and can be purchased on here. But if you want to try it, don't wait. The pre-workout and energy drink are sold out individually, but the bundle, which saves you $7, is still available. If Alix is using and loving this product, it’s pretty clear we should give it a try, too.