First there was juicing, now there’s souping. What will the world come up with next? As weird as it sounds, souping is actually a relatively healthy new food trend, as long as the soups are used as supplements instead of meal replacements. Companies like ZUPA NOMA have curated bottled cold-pressed soups using fresh vegetables like carrots, beets, cucumbers, and avocados, giving you a full 4-plus servings.

They challenge their customers to swap a bottled juice in place of not-so-healthy snacks like sugar-filled smoothies, bland salads, or granola bars that are typically lacking in nutritional value. 

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Lauren Kruchten

With all the wholesome vegetables, spices, and other ingredients in the soups, your body gets tons of nutritional benefits with every sip. Superfoods like turmeric, ginger, and spirulina provide energy while spicy veggies like bell peppers, jalapeño, habanero, cumin, and black pepper boost metabolism.

Additionally, each bottle provides a great source of fiber, which helps you feel full longer between meals and will keep you from eating unhealthy snacks like those greasy potato chips you’ve probably had your eye on all day.

They’re also low in sugar, calories, and fat, but high in vitamins and minerals your body may be lacking. These soups are also great for detoxifying, with glutathione and flavonoids that are found in the organic and nutrient-dense veggies. 

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Lauren Kruchten

ZUPA NOMA soups are great for busy college students on-the-go who want to live a whole and healthy lifestyle. They’re made with real vegetables and contain no artificial ingredients, so you’ll be left feeling good and satisfied after enjoying a bottle along with a balanced meal or as a snack. It’s super easy to skimp out on your veggies, but souping makes it easy to get your servings in while delivering great flavor.

Start by simply swapping out your typical unhealthy snack with a cold-pressed soup, or replace it with sugary drinks like soda. Find ZUPA NOMA at a store near you, or directly from their website,  and start feeling the health benefits right away. 

Lauren Kruchten

Disclaimer: ZUPA NOMA soups were sent to me free of charge, however all opinions are my own.