It seems that even eggs aren’t safe from beauty vloggers nowadays. Recently, YouTuber PopLuxe used a hard-boiled egg as a beauty blender for his “Project Object” series, where he uses random items picked by his viewers to create a look.

As PopLuxe dabbed foundation onto his face with a boiled egg (because that’s who we are as a society now), the beauty guru exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, this is actually working really, really well. This kind of feels like a really cold SiliSponge, but it smells like sewage."

The fad seems to be spreading, with Instagram makeup artist Esther Gbudje also trying it out in a recent video.

I’ll admit that her end result looked flawless, but I can’t get over this beauty blender substitute no matter how hard I try. Bra inserts and condoms are one thing, but using food as a makeup product comes with a handful of problems that aren’t worth it just for views.

It’s Unsanitary

In the original video by PopLuxe, the egg actually crumbles on his face (and in his eye!) to the point where he has to replace it with a fresh one.

You never know what kind of bacteria could have come into contact with that egg while it was being processed and shipped—why take the risk? It may sound overly cautious on my part, but I’ll stick to using a sponge.

It’s Time-Consuming

I know this is all just an experiment in beauty, but can you imagine actually going to all this trouble for your foundation? Not only would you have to boil an egg, but you would also have to wait for it to cool before peeling and washing it. It would probably take longer for me to get a boiled egg ready than it does to actually put on my makeup.

It’s Wasteful

My biggest issue with this trend, especially if it keeps spreading, is how many eggs will be wasted in the name of beauty. It’s not like these beauty vloggers are going to eat an egg caked in foundation and concealer, so I’m assuming it will be tossed in the trash. Food waste is already such a big problem in the Western world, and we don’t need to intentionally contribute to it. That egg could have been a beautiful addition to a meal, but instead it was coated in makeup and thrown away.

It may seem dramatic for me to criticize a trend that will probably die out in a week, but I think fads like these represent a bigger trend of wastefulness in today’s world that shouldn’t be allowed to continue. There are so many people struggling to make ends meet that blatantly throwing away food just seems ignorant.

Next time you want to try something new to blend your foundation, stick to condoms or dish sponges instead.