John Oliver is my personal hashtag goals. He's funny, smart, and gets people to give a shit about really important issues, like food waste.

John Oliver's episode on food waste made me extra pumped, because food waste is an issue that a lot of people don't think about, but really, truly should.

What is food waste?

Lexi Nickens

Basically, it's what happens when food that is usually totally fine gets thrown away, because it's misshapen, leftover, not stored properly, or restaurants and grocery stores don't take the time to donate it.

I had no idea the issue was as bad as it is, but once I learned I totally changed the way I approach purchasing, storing, eating, and throwing away food. I even try not to over-order at restaurants.

Why should you care?

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Katherine Baker

Because nearly 40% of the food produced in this country ends up in the trash, and 50 million households per year don't have enough to eat. #notokay.

Watch and LOL:

This John Oliver Food Waste episode from Last Week Tonight is a sharable and hilarious way to educate yourself.