Ah, late August. It smells like back-to-school shopping and faint cries of college students everywhere realizing they are going to have to actually be a real human being instead of lying at the pool all day and having their parents do their laundry. 

While I am sad to see the summer come to a close, I am excited because fall is that much closer, aka it's basically Halloween. Nothing gets me motivated faster than food, especially when that food is actually chocolate. I thought what better to motivate you at the beginning of this year than some of my favorite chocolates that aren't that bad for you? Bring on the homework.

1. Hu Kitchen Chocolate Bars

So here's the deal: Hu Kitchen is a paleo restaurant in NYC, but many people do not know that their paleo (and very delicious) chocolate bars are sold in stores nationwide. My favorite flavors are dark chocolate almond butter or cashew butter + vanilla bean dark chocolate. As you can see in the picture above, their bars don't have any gross additives, just pure, delicious chocolate.

2. Base Culture Brownies

When I first tried Base Culture paleo products (they have everything from brownies to banana bread), I was skeptical. I'm pretty picky with my baked goods. However, I promise you cannot even tell a difference–these are SO good and don't leave you feeling bloated or heavy like regular brownies usually do. You can't go wrong with the almond butter brownie, but I have been loving their raspberry cocoa brownie.

3. FBOMB Nut Butter

So you heard that Vinnie from the Jersey Shore swears by the Ketogenic diet, right? It's a little too intense for me, but if you want to be more like the best Jersey Shore star (in my opinion), try out these Keto nut butter packs. The Salted Chocolate Macadamia flavor is incredible and is the perfect fat-filled snack that'll give you energy for those all-nighters bound to happen once classes start.

4. Skinny Dipped Almonds

I cannot hop off the bandwagon with Skinny Dipped Almonds. I wrote about them in an article earlier this summer and I still haven't gotten tired of them. You might feel guilty (and have a stomach ache) after eating a whole bag of peanut M&M's, but you won't feel that way after eating a bag of Skinny Dipped almonds #win.

5. Urban Remedy Sun Butter Squares 

I have been blessed to have never had a peanut allergy, but for all of my friends who have been missing out on Reese's cups their whole life, this product is for you. Urban Remedy is a plant-based meal delivery service (perfect for when you don't want to cook dinner every night) and they are now offering these raw cacao sunbutter squares which taste juuuust like peanut butter cups. Not into the meal delivery thing? These Free2b Sunbutter cups are almost as good.

So, there you have it. My very first snack round up of the new school year and I'd say I was off to a sweet start (get it?). Do you have any favorite chocolate study snacks? Let me know!