I love snacking. I have written many articles about snacking and I could write many more. Those of you who know me know that I love finding smaller, niche healthy brands who create healthy and hella delicious foods. I'm not going to lie, these snacks can be slightly more expensive than your typical snack foods and they may be hard to find (Whole Foods usually is a good place to look) but they are perfect for those weeks you want to #treatyoself or just feel like trying something new.

1. Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs

Paleo puffs are my latest snacking obession. Lesser Evil Foods, is known for making delicious, guilt-free popcorn but their new line of snacks Paleo Puffs are quite possibly the best snack ever made. These grain free vegan puffs are made with a base of cassava flour and sweet potato flour. If you've ever had the "healthier" baked white cheddar cheetos, that's exactly what these taste like. I went through the bag in two days...it's fine.

2. Soozy's Muffins

Oh my oh my I love Soozy's Muffins. Again they are grain free, vegan, and filled will so many yummy REAL ingredients. Besides the delicious muffin, I love the people behind Soozy's. Soozy's is a fairly new and small brand and whenever I have reached out to give them my love, they have been so kind and grateful. You can see above, I love adding my Soozy's into yogurt bowls for breakfast but they are also great as a snack throughout the day.

3. Siete Foods Tortilla Chips

I just realized that the majority of these snacks are grain free meaning paleo friendly! I guess you could say I have a type of snacks I currently like. But honestly, grains upset my stomach if I eat too many so I love these alternatives. Siete Foods is another new brand that is booming in the wellness world. Their grain-free tortillas and tortilla chips are very popular but also very delicious. 

#SpoonTip Siete Foods is rolling out new vegan queso which will be perfect with their grain-free goodies. Keep your eye out for it!

4. Brekki Overnight Oats

I was a little bit over overnight oats...mostly because I never could make them the right consistency and I got bored of them. Brekki has rekindled my love for overnight oats because they did all the work for me. Yes, I know, oats are typically a breakfast food but they also work great for a post workout snack or honestly just a sweet treat during the day. The coconut cardamom flavor is my favorite!

5. Skinny Dipped Almonds

Another up and coming brand in the wellness world is Skinny Dipped. The Skinny Dipped Almonds take all the guilt out of eating chocolate covered nuts. Yeah yeah peanut M&Ms are delicious but you also overpower the taste of the peanut by the chocolate. Skinny Dipped Almonds

6. Tuna Salad (with GoAvo spread)

I have never been a huge mayo person because the texture freaks me out and I know it's not great for you so I try and shy away from it. I recently discovered GoAvo spread which is a mayo substitute made with avocado–how ingenious! For a little afternoon snack, I have been mixing it with tuna and eating it on crackers. So easy and the combination of protein and healthy fats helps you stay fuller for longer.

7. Rebbl Protein Elixir

If you haven't tried Rebbl drinks (elixirs as they call it), they are a coconut milk based delicious drink with different adaptogens and flavors which serve as a perfect snack on the go. While not all of their drinks contain a ton of protein, they do have a few flavors including their new Banana Nut Protein (which is my favorite).

8. Granola Butter + Apples

I hate to break it to you but this might be the best snack on this list but it is only available online...I know I know, I'm sorry. I had to include it though because this vegan, nut free butter tastes like oatmeal cookies and will have you questioning why you ever liked apples and peanut butter #solastyear so...do yourself a favor and support a fellow foodie and wellness blogger, Ali Bonar (@avokween), and order some of her Granola Butter.

9. Quinn Snacks Popcorn

Popcorn in general is pretty dang healthy but typical microwave popcorn? Not the best. For easy peasy microwave popcorn that tastes delicious without all the gross added chemicals, Quinn Snacks is my favorite. Plus, anything parmesan and rosemary flavored I can't keep my hands off of.

10. Chocolate Walnut Brownie Perfect Bar

I love Perfect Bars. Every single flavor seems to be better and better. I will say, the new vegan chocolate walnut brownie flavor has to be my favorite. It tastes like a fudgey, dense and delicious brownie. Is there anything better than a brownie for a snack? Yeah, a brownie that is actually going to fill you up and won't give you a stomach ache. Case in point. 

Snacking gets a bad reputation. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean stopping all snacking. If you get hungry in between meals or want a little night cap, that's ok. I love brands that create snacks with minimal REAL ingredients because the snacks actually fill me up and don't leave my body feeling groggy like many processed snacks can.