Holiday season is in full swing and that means finals (#gross), holiday parties, gift giving (and receiving!), and lots of food. Let's be honest exchanging gifts can be fun, but it can also be expensive or hard to think of thoughtful gifts for your bffs. 

What's more thoughtful than food? Nothing. Point blank–food is not only essential to survive but it's something that everyone will love. 

As a college student, snacks help me survive. Whether this list be used as inspiration for a cheap, easy, and crowd-pleasing gift or just as inspiration for new snacks to try. There's something for every tastebud on here.

Eaten Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps

These things are addicting and quite possibly the best study snack ever invented. Not only do these conveniently come in little 100 calorie packs (perfect for those with no will power when it comes to snacks) but also 7 different flavors: garlic & onion, sea salt, mesquite BBQ, sriracha, wasabi, cocoa dusted, and  sweet cinnamon. 

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs

Essentially a healthy-for-you Cheeto...just as good (if not better.) These bad boys come in 5 flavors: far out fajita, Sriracha sunshine, vegan white cheddar, pepper power, and bohemian barbecue. You might want to get a few bags because they will be gone quick–take my word for it. 

Tate's Bakeshop Cookies

I'm not one for crispy cookies, but these are irresistible. The flavors range from classic chocolate chip to gingersnap to coconut crisp to vanilla. Not to mention the variety of gluten free flavors as well. C'mon, who doesn't love cookies?!

Boom Chicka Pop

What I love about this stuff is that it's not only delicious but it is so versatile. Over 13 flavors (plus 7 seasonal flavors, frosted sugar cookie kettle corn, anyone?) and you or whoever you're gifting this to is never going to get bored.

Bear Naked Granola

Anyone can go to the grocery store and grab a regular bag of granola. But on the Bear Naked website, you have the option to customize your own granola blend, choose the flavors and add-ins. You'll have a thoughtful, unique, and delicious gift in no time.

And if you're feeling generous...

Snack Subscription Box

Nowadays, there are so many to chose from. For your vegan friend, Vegan Cuts for all the plant-based goodies. For your green juice drinking, yogi friend, Urth Box. For the adventurous foodie, Munchpak for different snacks from around the world. 

Food is an underrated gift item and I'm not sure why, but you will become the favorite person in your family, friend group, etc. if you start giving out these snacks as a gift. 

#SpoonTip Homemade goodies are always a thoughtful and fun gift to give as well, use these ideas as inspiration to get creative in the kitchen!