SQIRL, Los Angeles CA

SQIRL is one of the most up-and-coming cafes right now. Not only is some of  the trendiest toast here, but some pretty trendy food celebs too. They've been visited by chefs like Alton Brown and David Chang of Momofuku. Plus they've received high praise from Bon Appetit as well, calling the "toast-forward breakfast-all-day cafe... creative and groundbreaking." 

What's all the hype over? Crazy thick cut slices of toasted brioche slathered with ricotta and a swoosh of house-made, seasonal jams like blueberry rhubarb, or the complex seascape strawberry and rose geranium (!?) jam. 

Violet Virnich

I visited this May on vacation and can attest - this toast is so decadent it's almost like a donut, and one of the most genius ways to amp up such a simple food.

The Corner Beet, Denver CO

The Corner Beet is a cute cafe with a menu almost entirely devoted to amazing toasts. With local bread from Grateful Bread Company, they have options like the Capitol (named for the shop's Capitol Hill neighborhood) with smashed avocado, heirloom tomatoes, and a balsamic glaze drizzle. Or the Jam: whipped goat cheese, fig jam, pear slices, and cracked black pepper.

303 Magazine sums it all up: "their toast is worth the trip alone." Time to book flights to the Mile High City!

Pim's Honey Toast and Tea, Portland

You may have seen this crazy Japanese brunch trend on your instagram feed - and now it's state-side! They start with huge blocks of brioche-like bread that's been lightly toasted, the indulgent toppings are up to you: try the classic Shibuya Toast, drizzled with honey and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The matcha toast swaps out matcha ice cream, or the Nutella toast uses chocolate bread spread with Nutella and topped with vanilla ice cream. Maybe it's toast, or maybe it's cake for breakfast, either way we're on board!

Josephine House, Austin

The guide to trendiest toast right now wouldn't be complete without mentioning the OG toast king: avocado toast! This lovely southern cafe keeps it simple with crushed avocado, a fried egg, lime zest, and hot sauce - this classic doesn't need frills, they save that for their dinner style toast with the Brie Tartine. Topped with prosciutto, roasted maitake mushrooms, arugula, and roasted tomato and harissa aioli, this toast - like the insta-worthy restaurant decor - is a work of art. 

Chalait, Hudson NYC

We "loaf" a nice thick slice of toast, and so does Chalait! Although famous for their matcha drinks and confections, this NYC mainstay is also well known for their "loaf slices" served with butter and honey the old fashioned way, with coconut cream and berries, or Mediterranean style with beet hummus, avo, feta, and sprinkled with sumac spice. 

One of the greatest things about the guide to trendiest toast right now? How easy it is for you to recreate these tasty toasts on your own! Just toast up your favorite bread and let these cafe's inspire you. Opt for sweet, savory, use nut butters or straight butter. Toast can be trendy because it's familiar, yet infinitely riffable.